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The Sky is Falling Police protect Neo Nazis as they protest in Melbourne

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The Sky is Falling I see this five times a day in Melbourne. AITA for not letting them in?

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The Sky is Falling half naked man decided to stop the trains at Richmond train station, peak hour 5.30pm

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The Sky is Falling ⛈️⚡ Thunderstorm incoming! ⚡⛈️

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The Sky is Falling Abnormally dark in Melbourne today

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r/melbourne Feb 21 '23

The Sky is Falling Queueing for the busses replacing trains on the Belgrave/Lilydale lines. Peak hour, a solid line between Collins and Bourke with no busses in sight. Fingers crossed it’s not like this for the next 3.5 months, but I won’t hold my breath.

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The Sky is Falling Are there more posts on r/melbourne these days asking about the increase of crazies in the CBD?


I remember the days when I could browse r/melbourne and only see a post every once in a while about the crazies in the CBD. Now when I browse I come across them everyday.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in the number of posts about crazies? Why can't we get social services to do more to help?

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The Sky is Falling This is taking parking to a whole new level. 1. No, not a car w. A disabled permit 2. No one inside 3. No one around. Like definitely “parked”

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The Sky is Falling We've all felt cost of living pressure, some the rental crisis, but how about Easter egg price gate!?

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The Sky is Falling Deceased Neighbour’s tree has fallen - council not interested in helping. Advice for next steps?

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The Sky is Falling Not a good day to be working from office. 🤮

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The Sky is Falling Who's the dickhead taking up 2 parks at Caulfield Station? Really inconsiderate

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The Sky is Falling This is what 110k people looks like. Crowds exiting Ed Sheeran's biggest ever concert in the world at the MCG, March 3 2023

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The Sky is Falling Sign of the times? Normally this bottom rack is fully of dusty 1kg bags of Coles-brand oats. Today they’re all sold out and it’s not even 11am. Plenty of other options for 10 times the price of course. Brunswick, Vic

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The Sky is Falling It's not THAT hard to find a park @ Melbourne Airport

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The Sky is Falling The size and length of all these tanks is getting ridiculous

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There's a fucking climate crisis FFS, not to mention how dangerous and intimidating these things are on the road.

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The Sky is Falling Letter in my mailbox this morning...appears some people ste unaware Australia rarely suffers earthquakes

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r/melbourne Jan 14 '23 Mind Blown

The Sky is Falling Inconvenienced again and protesting for what!?


r/melbourne Jan 26 '23

The Sky is Falling Serbian fans questioned by Australian police after they unveiled banned flags in support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, including with a large picture of Putin’s face, chanted "Serbia-Russia", and threatened security guards during Australian Open.

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The Sky is Falling I need the cheapest best meals for a one person



Im a single 19F kicked out of home and while i have a full time job I’m spending a lot at the supermarkets for not much and not good. Currently spending $150 per week at Coles and getting $30 in savings. This is getting me fuck all snacks, eggs, milk, not usually packaged meat, 5 frozen meals, whatever. But I’m raised by my dad, and my dad couldn’t make a meal for anything so i dont know different meals and their ingredients.

Can someone comment a list of cheap ingredients that make food easily and tasty from woolies/aldi/iga/coles?

Edit: Hey thankyou so much for all the replies on this post i got to come back to, its insanely appreciated. My house got flooded in 22 and i got split apart from my dad in living situation and am now a tenant of a relative of a relative and it has felt really hard to eat good without going to a restaurant or buying expensive ingredients i dont understand how to use. I like a lot of protein when i eat but ive never ventured further than spaghetti due to feeling like ill fail cooking. To all the people who put the effort in to reply youre gonna be really helping my frustrated pockets, hopefully some other people found your fun and cheap meals a godsend too! Ive needed to make this post for a while and im happy i did. Thanks again!

r/melbourne Jan 19 '23

The Sky is Falling Renting is dehumanizing, exhausting, and depressing.


As the title says. I'm sure we could all use a good vent in these times. Lease is up, landlady is renovating the house, and I have to move on. Such is life. But... God. I've had easier times getting into homeless refuges than getting a bloody rental.

It's just depressing, having to run around and prostrate myself over and over again. I'll offer more rent, I'll offer rent up front, I'll just try to TALK to the agent and all I get is "Oh put it on the application." As if there's no god damn reason for the agent to even BE there.

Everything is on a fucking application, yeah, sure, I'll let 2Apply shove a camera up my arse to prove I can pay rent. Why not. Not like I haven't already provided payslips and bank details. Not like there's any other choice. It feels like I can't even be acknowledged as a person anymore.

It feels helpless. I have a good job, I have rental history, I have references. And time and time again it feels like I'm being told to sit on my thumb and spin.

And then I'll try for sharehouses, and have the choice between party house that smells of weed or getting denied for being too young.

Just. I'm a person. I'm a god damn person. And this entire system makes me feel like a beast.

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The Sky is Falling Australia Post selling coffee in Melbourne

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The Sky is Falling Buckle up everyone. Chip-geddon is here 😓

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The Sky is Falling It's been consistently misty raining for the last 3 hrs in the city, not super heavy but enough to soak things. Why is the BOM radar not able to pick this up?

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The Sky is Falling Never in my life did I expect to see a suburb so passionate for the Filet-O-Fish

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