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Adult Swim cuts ties with Justin Roiland following domestic abuse allegations Use /r/Entertainment


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u/WayneJetSkii Jan 25 '23

Strongly disagree. Adult Swim thinks Roland is toxic & might make it so they can't print money from Rick & Morty stuff. If I was accused of very troubling criminal charges I would assume my current employer would cut ties with me. & then later if I am found not guilty, they could hire me back.

I would try to separate the toxic creator person (that is accused of illegal activity), from my golden intellectual property that is a cash cow. AFAIK, they are not really risking anything by separating from Roland. They risk a lot more if they stood by Roland up until (if*) he is found guilty.


u/BlatantConservative Jan 25 '23

I wish the world actually worked like this, we have Roman Polanski having raped a 13 year old and he's still backed by Hollywood. More people get away with this than not.


u/skynetempire Jan 25 '23

I work in the finance industry. I worked for a couple of brokerage firms and they wait for the conviction but we aren't in the public eye. Adult swim didn't want the backlash for keeping him on. It does seem more and more animators are toxic


u/degggendorf Jan 25 '23

It does seem more and more animators are toxic

Or just people in general, and we're not evolved to handle fame, money, and power.


u/_GCastilho_ Jan 25 '23

I've seen stories that put animators, specifically professional animators, Ina Very special TOXIC categories

The guy might have a point there


u/cidqueen Jan 25 '23

Except Roiland isnt an animator.


u/JimmyLegs50 Jan 25 '23

Finding out John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy) was an asshat destroyed me. I was obsessed with that show.


u/LawyerMorty94 Jan 25 '23

He was charged I believe

Also he grooms/sexts minors on Twitter so even IF he didn’t domestically abuse anyone, he still did that shit with minors

Dude is a POS and deserves nothing but the inside of a jail cell


u/Howboutit85 Jan 25 '23

Why would they not be able to print money from Rick and morty stuff with Justin roiland? Do they know the fan base? 75% of them are toxic men or boys. I love this show and I’d still watch it if he was accused of murder and had to do the voiceovers from death row.

Who would stop watching g a show or buying merch from a show because of some allegations or behavior from the voice guy?

I sincerely do not get it.