r/newsbloopers Aug 17 '22

Reporter forgets what she was trying to say and laughs about it, showing how truly little she really cares. Good Blooper, Bad Title

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u/tierrassparkle Aug 18 '22 edited Aug 18 '22

Sounds like you’re trying to smear a young girl. What she do to you? Reject you?


u/11upand1over Aug 18 '22

Having worked in news and seeing an anchor need a security escort home because she had a stalker, that wouldn’t surprise me. Local news anchors and reporters attract fucking creeps.


u/woodiegutheryghost Aug 18 '22

Hey we are going to have this young news anchor stand outside an empty building then every hour broadcast her location. I’m surprised they haven’t cut down on that shit since that one anchor was murdered during her broadcast.