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Megathread What's the deal with Roe V Wade being overturned?


This morning, in Dobbs vs. Jackson Womens' Health Organization, the Supreme Court struck down its landmark precedent Roe vs. Wade and its companion case Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, both of which were cases that enshrined a woman's right to abortion in the United States. The decision related to Mississippi's abortion law, which banned abortions after 15 weeks in direct violation of Roe. The 6 conservative justices on the Supreme Court agreed to overturn Roe.

The split afterwards will likely be analyzed over the course of the coming weeks. 3 concurrences by the 6 justices were also written. Justice Thomas believed that the decision in Dobbs should be applied in other contexts related to the Court's "substantive due process" jurisprudence, which is the basis for constitutional rights related to guaranteeing the right to interracial marriage, gay marriage, and access to contraceptives. Justice Kavanaugh reiterated that his belief was that other substantive due process decisions are not impacted by the decision, which had been referenced in the majority opinion, and also indicated his opposition to the idea of the Court outlawing abortion or upholding laws punishing women who would travel interstate for abortion services. Chief Justice Roberts indicated that he would have overturned Roe only insofar as to allow the 15 week ban in the present case.

The consequences of this decision will likely be litigated in the coming months and years, but the immediate effect is that abortion will be banned or severely restricted in over 20 states, some of which have "trigger laws" which would immediately ban abortion if Roe were overturned, and some (such as Michigan and Wisconsin) which had abortion bans that were never legislatively revoked after Roe was decided. It is also unclear what impact this will have on the upcoming midterm elections, though Republicans in the weeks since the leak of the text of this decision appear increasingly confident that it will not impact their ability to win elections.

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Answered What is up with R. Kelly and Ghislaine Maxwell's sentencing lengths being so different?


It seems like R. Kelly received a sentence of 30 years for sex trafficking, while Ghislaine Maxwell received a sentence of only 20 years. Presumably, Maxwell did the same thing at larger scale. I'm not fishing for some Twitter "gotcha" shit on systemic racism or anything, both of them did atrocious shit with documented evidence, I'm just confused on the legal mechanics for the sentencing disparity.

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Unanswered what's up with all the supreme court desicions?


I know that Roe vs Wade happened earlier and is a very important/controversial desicion, but it seems like their have been a lot of desicions recently compared to a few months ago, such as one today https://www.reddit.com/r/environment/comments/vo9b03/supreme_court_says_epa_does_not_have_authority_to/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share . Why does it seem like the supreme court is handing out alot of decisions?

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Answered What’s the deal with Trump allegedly wanted to join the people going to the Capitol?


Trying to overturn the election and planning it ahead is sedition, indeed. But why is it so big deal and considered incriminating that he wanted to join the people going to the Capitol?


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Answered What's the deal with Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony?


Hoping this is the best place to get an honest question answered without polemic from either side!

Cassidy Hutchinson testified to events related to by Anthony Ontario, involving Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and Secret Service agent Bobby Engel and then-President Trump.

My question: why aren't Meadows and Engel testifying themselves, providing first-hand accounts? I get Trump claimed executive privilege, but why weren't Meadows and Engel subpoenaed?


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Answered what's up with Martin Shkreli's AMA on wallstreetbets?



The last I heard of Shkreli he was pretty much universally hated for being a rich douche artificially raising prices of life-saving medication.

Now he does an AMA where everyone loves him and he's a stereotypical cryptobro who knows all the memes? I'm so confused.

Unless it's a joke post and I'm being totally wooshed, so I'm OOTL AND completely out of touch.

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Unanswered What is up with Grayscale Investments® Initiating a lawsuit against the SEC?


Grayscale Investments® Initiates Lawsuit Against the SEC

Files Petition for Review with the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit

Will Argue SEC Violated Administrative Procedure Act and Securities Exchange Act of 1934

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Answered What's the deal with "crunchy" and what does it mean?


So I know what it means in regards to food and stuff, but tiktok seems to be using it totally differently? I've seen a few things like this and Google is giving me a bunch of nonsensical answers


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Unanswered What is the deal with E.L James and people thinking she’s a horrible person?



A lot of the comments on this article are people saying that she an awful person. Someone mentions that the way she got her books published makes her crazy. What’s the story here?

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Unanswered What is up with guys calling gals 'dude' and 'bro' on Reddit recently?


What does it mean when a guy calls you dude? | Body Language Central

As I've been off here for almost a year maybe it's not a brand new trend but I've noticed in several comment sections fairly common with guys calling women 'dude' or 'bro' or 'brah' or some similar word guys usually call other guys.

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Unanswered What's going on with Vlog Creations/Ross on YouTube?


Recently it seems like he's went through some sort of personality shift or something. Most of his friends slowly stopped appearing on his channel, with them being replaced with what viewers are describing as "yes men", one of whom has been involved in drama that really doesn't fit Ross's wholesome image. What were once highly praised videos have became ones with almost universal dislike expressed in the comments section, which I also agree that they just seem "off" from his usual wholesome prank content, it seems like he's became more mean-spirited occasionally in some of his latest videos which is disturbing for someone who used to make funny, wholesome content that would once guarantee a laugh. He is no longer interacting with fans (usually he would atleast reply to or heart comments iirc) and hasn't acknowledged any negative feedback despite this happening for a while. It's really sad because I really enjoyed his content and it seems like he might not be in a good place right now.

Channel link

Latest video, as you can see there is lots of concern in the comments

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Answered What’s up with the RadioShack Twitter account?


The account is posting all kinds of wild stuff, claims they are not hacked. Some tweets are deleted however.


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Unanswered What is going on with Lewis Hamilton and Nelson Picquet?


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Unanswered What's going on with the January 6th hearings?


I'm an American who really doesn't follow politics closely. I really only read about political stories on reddit and listen to podcasts that are more political philosophy than daily happenings. I would love a (neutral, as much as possible) summary of what has been happening with the Jan 6th hearings. What are the main possible outcomes and which do you think is most likely and why? What are the major controversies of the hearings so far?


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Unanswered What's up with big companies getting hassled by their employees for their response to the Roe v Wade decision?


Context: I live in California, so the ruling doesn't effect or change anything for us. As such I probably haven't been following as closely as I should.

The main instance I'm aware of is Wizards of the Coast employees responding to a memo put out by their parent company, Hasbro. Addressing the Supreme Court decision.

The overwhelming majority on believe these companies aren't doing enough, and that Hasbro's legalese "both sides" argument was tone deaf and unneeded.

I agree, but I'm confused why everyone is suprised. I'm confused that people seemingly expected these mega corporations to take a hard line stance that may alienate customers.

When has a company ever done something not for profit? Why would they start now?


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Unanswered What's the deal with Musk and Twitter bots?



Elon Musk says 3 issues need to be resolved before Twitter deal finalizes, including bots.

So basically twitter is being bought by Musk, but what does Elon Musk require for the deal, what are his terms and conditions for the deal, and what are the Twitter boards terms and conditions for the deal? I heard bots are something but idk what that is.

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Unanswered What’s up with Donald Trump still all over my Reddit new feed?


Guy hasn’t been president in over a year and he is still all over my Reddit news feed. The articles are just random people calling him a terrorist or something.

What is with the Trump obsession lately?

I was so happy when Biden became president so I can stop seeing his name everywhere.


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Answered What's going on with Trump and ketchup?


I've seen memes about Trump putting ketchup on steak, but this seems to be new:


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Unanswered What’s the deal with the Federal Reserve saying it wants to drive wages down?



Why would it want to lower the wages of workers? Is this how inflation is fixed every time there’s inflation? Can someone explain more? Thanks!

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Answered What's up with the "we will adopt your baby" couple?


I've been kind of following the abortion debacle in the US, so I've got that context, and I saw the original picture of the couple holding up the sign with "please don't get an abortion, we will adopt your baby" on it.

But now I'm seeing "we will adopt your baby" captioned onto all sorts of weird things, like Count Olaf or Jedi ghosts: https://twitter.com/MarienneMaid/status/1541553398058692609?t=pcZjc_EHii1VkFcDRJ498Q&s=19

What's up with that? Why do people think this couple is evil? I might not agree with their political stance but they seem nice, if a bit naive and missing the point. Why have they become such a big deal?

Edit: Answers made it clear that there were actually lots of couples with 'we will adopt your baby' signs, so the 'original couple' I referred to was probably not the original.

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Answered What’s the deal with Rudy Guiliani getting hit in the back?


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Answered Whats up with the neon outfits and Rollerblades?


Seen a couple pics recently of two people in neon outfits on rollerblades.




I've done a bit of googling but can't find any info. What's up with it?

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Answered What’s the deal with SCOTUS personal information being leaked?


I saw a few tiktok videos referencing this but I can’t find any real sources. Did this happen? How? Which judges? Is there something incriminating?

ETA: re: the “incriminating” question, I heard that credit card info and IP addresses were part of this leak. I was wondering if there was something incriminating on like, a credit card statement or something.

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Answered What is the deal with blocking gender affirming care?


With the changes to Roe, states have already started trying to outlaw gender affirming care for trans youth. With the supposed separation of church and state, what is the legal argument they are using to justify these laws?

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Unanswered What is the deal with this WSB post? Who is OP, why does everyone know him and what’s the story behind his jail time?


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Unanswered What's the deal with ukraine and russia conflict?


A few questions regarding the conflict.

  1. How likely is russia just going to give up? (From "realistically improbable to most likely")

  2. How much of ukraine has russia already seized? (In percentage, if possible)

  3. How much longer will it take for russia to capture ukraine completely?