r/politics May 22 '21

Another ballot audit set to move ahead in Fulton County, Georgia, as judge rules absentee ballots can be unsealed


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u/InnerDorkness May 22 '21

Another waste of local money


u/Jasonicca May 22 '21 edited May 22 '21

Who's going to do this one then - Cyber Ninjas? Virtual Samurais? Superhero Warrior Gang? Fraudy McFraud Face?

Maybe the mysterious Noland Rumtp Organization.


u/ISUanthony May 22 '21

Techno Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


u/Vegetable-Sky3534 May 22 '21

The Does This AR15 Make My Dick Look Bigger Ballot Checkers and Truck Nutz Owners.


u/sombertimber May 22 '21

My Pillow?


u/NomadX13 May 22 '21

Maybe the mysterious Noland Rumtp Organization.

Isn't that the one headed up by John Barron? Apparently, he's a great guy, that's completely trustworthy, and has really big hands. He said it himself.


u/CpnStumpy Colorado May 22 '21

Yiddish Outerspace Lazer Ops


u/Oleg101 May 22 '21

I’m beginning to think Republicans aren’t very self-aware people.


u/nythro May 22 '21 edited May 22 '21

They don't care. This is about throwing chum into right wing media cycle for Republican legislatures and governors to say there's been "a history of pervasive uncertainty and errors" in future elections when they claim the moral high ground about restoring "confidence" by overturning official vote counts.


u/somethingbreadbears May 22 '21

I love Atlanta but I'll never move back to Georgia. It's like an island, amazing place but everything around it is fucking dark and scary.


u/JCokeDaKilla Georgia May 22 '21

Yeah but.....

Yeah :[


u/somethingbreadbears May 22 '21

I know, it sucks. Watching republicans tank the film industry because it turned the state blue breaks my heart. That state is perfect for that industry.


u/Oleg101 May 22 '21

Michigan that sort of happened also with the film industry about a decade ago, although I’ve heard they (the film Industry) is known to be pretty shitty about paying their bills in general so some local governments and businesses become frustrated, so I’d have to read more into it all. I guess the upside they brought when they get the tax breaks in certain states to film, it creates more job opportunities.


u/somethingbreadbears May 22 '21 edited May 22 '21

Not sure about Michigan, but it brought a ton of jobs to the Atlanta area to the point where huge films, Marvel films, were shooting so much at Pinewood Studios that they rebranded into a literal town for shooting or were going to. There are a lot of cities that have shitty commercial production that try to pretend like it's a great spot like Orlando or Huston, but the truth is there isn't a lot of job training so they bring in people, house them for the shoot, then send them of their way. But Atlanta, in part with a couple schools, were training people to work on set in some capacity. It was the perfect situation for a lot of people because set jobs don't pay a ton but Atlanta wasn't too expensive. It could compete with NYC or LA.

I fucking hate the Cathy family (Chicfila) but they invested a lot in making Atlanta a competitor with LA or NYC, and to see it crumble because it made the state more liberal is so sad to watch.


u/goforthandconquer May 22 '21

The film industry went bust because of Covid ... Throw in the fact that conservatives have made so many crappy decisions in the state that the film industry wanted no part of it. It’s not because it turned blue are you out of your mind? What are you talking about? The jobs were lost because of decisions that Republicans kept making that pissed off the film industry


u/somethingbreadbears May 22 '21

It’s not because it turned blue are you out of your mind?

It turned blue as a result of those crappy decisions.

The jobs were lost because of decisions that Republicans kept making that pissed off the film industry

We agree, I think you misread my comment.


u/Livid_Effective5607 May 23 '21

The film industry went bust because of Covid ...

Are you sure?


Movies and TV productions filmed in Georgia generated $101 million in wages for members of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees during the first quarter of this year,

Thomas said Georgia only lost two film projects to COVID-19. The rest of the productions interrupted by the virus last year have returned, she said.


u/vaxick May 22 '21

Granholm had initiated a tax credit in Michigan to attract the film industry to shoot films here. It was always intended to be a long-term plan and not something that was immediately profitable for the state. When Snyder took office, he killed the tax credit as quick as he was to sell off Gateway computers to the Chinese. Hollywood pretty much pulled out of the state after that as they go where the incentives are offered.


u/At0micPunk90 May 22 '21

And when this turns up absolutely zero evidence of fraud, what then?


u/thatsnotwait May 22 '21

Then Nevada


u/ColJamesTaggart Georgia May 22 '21

... they start using GA for nuclear testing?


u/ukiddingme2469 Oregon May 22 '21

Might improve the place


u/nythro May 22 '21

What? Every one of these fake audits is going to come up with wildly different counts, thousands of ballots deemed "questionable", "unreliable machines," etc. It's just setting the narrative for 2024 when Republican legislatures overrule the popular vote in their states.


u/Wanallo221 May 22 '21

State Legislatures only have the power to choose how to select electors. However electors do not have the power to override the popular vote and any attempt to do so would almost certainly cause courts to rule in favour of the constitution.

Even if a partisan senate, court and state Supreme Court ruled in favour of ignoring the results, the Supreme Court (even in its Conservative nature) still would rule against it because the constitution is pretty strong.


u/Sickofusernames95 May 22 '21

The whole point of this is to create doubt in our election system. More and more ammunition for their future attempt to overturn any democratic wins. Even without evidence, the more they look, the more idiots will wonder why they’re looking. I know this is preaching to the choir here, but all of this “crazy” stuff they’re doing now is part of the plan to instill mistrust and create support with the base and of course fox news blurbs about non-existent “irregularities”. I guess what I’m trying to say is, none of this just crazy and dumb idiots, there’s a whole plan behind this and the sooner we quit blowing it off as “just crazy and stupid”, the more we can fight it with our own plan. I just pray it’s not too late. It feels like people don’t get it. Biden is great, and things are hunky dory and better than they were, but this fight is far from over. I worry about complacency. We’ve just briefly fought this fascism off, but if we get too comfortable we’ll be back at square one (maybe not Trump, but similar corruption and attacks on democracy) very soon.


u/Scarlet109 Texas May 22 '21

Waste of time and money. The people demanding the audit should be the ones to foot the bill


u/goo_bazooka May 22 '21

They aren't?


u/Scarlet109 Texas May 22 '21

No, the taxpayers are


u/ukiddingme2469 Oregon May 22 '21

Republicans have a conclusion and they are dead set on finding anything no matter how small to validate their position


u/peppercorns666 May 22 '21

Biden won Fulton County with 73% of the vote. I am surprised it was that low. These idiots truly think Trump had a chance here?


u/Limp_Distribution May 22 '21

Who’s going to run this audit?

The make Trump president again corporation?


u/ronm4c May 22 '21

Let me guess, this audit will be sponsored by My Pillow?


u/456afisher May 22 '21

Scanned ballots. Whatever happened to the Secret Ballot process. Shocking that Raffesberger ( sp) is now changing his tune to encourage this - as he is up for election. NO TO ALL GOP involved in this gambit. Who is paying for it? Will the computers be overseen - by whom?