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Society/Culture Gender reveals are fun, harmless, and I like that people have them


First thing's first, I'm not talking about the ones that start entire U.S. states on fire. I'm not talking about any of the ones involving combustibles for that matter.

I'm talking about the 99% of gender reveals that don't go viral because nothing eventful happens other than the reveal.

Gender reveals are fun. People like them, the parents like them, it's an excuse to party, and we all need an excuse to party. Especially if you're the curmudgeon who despises gender reveals.

Gender reveals are harmless. You don't have to go if you don't want. You can if you do. Much like any other party, only the idiots that get out of hand harm anything. If you think identifying gender is harmful to the kid, then have another party when they change/out their gender later on in life. A bigger one.

I like that people have another celebration of their children. Children need to be celebrated more. Even if the gender is 100% inconsequential, it's just another reason to celebrate, and that's great. You only get to be pregnant with a kid once, so why not have a fucking party with people you like?

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Discussion Season of Plunder killed all my hype and excitement to play Destiny 2


Note: I do not count King's Fall with Season of Plunder. KF has it's own ups and downs that I may address elsewhere, but not in this post.

Season of Plunder is just bad. This is the first time since December 2017 with CoO that I've been so disappointed with a D2 content drop that all my desire to play vanished. Not to say there hasn't been lackluster seasons since then, but none of which that have completely deleted my desire to log in weekly. Both the quantity and quality (in my opinion of course) is terrible this season, and very nearly the opposite of what I've come to expect from Bungie and the D2 team.


As far as quantity goes, 20-30 minutes a week to complete the story steps is just not enough to make me want to sign on. On top of that, none of the weapons or armor added with this season are good enough (let alone better than other options I already have) to make me want to grind for, both asthetically and practically. Also, I'm not afraid of the letters L, F, and G, so requiring me to do Master Ketchcrash doesn't artifically increase my playtime like it might for some others. Ultimately, there just isn't anywhere near enough substance in the seasonal activities (or their rewards) to make me want to get on and play.


Again, this is my opinion, but the quality and theming of this season is just so boring. Bungie just had a solid season with one of the biggest antagonists in Destiny's history making a triumphant return, released the trailer for the next big expac in which said antagonist is getting a huge power jump and becoming 2nd in command to the penultimate villain of the saga... and then told us to go dick around with Drifter and play pirate for 4 months. And you can tell me about Mithrax and Eramis and Nezarac all you want, it all seems completely pointless and "side-questy" compared to Calus rolling up to the Sol system with the Darkness in a few short months.

For theming, it just seems silly. Pirates? Really? I know canonically they've been a problem in the Reef before but it just seems significantly below a Guardian's paygrade. All this season's theming has made me want to do is boot up Assassin's Creed IV or Sea of Theives.

Everyone has their own opinions. If space pirates are your thing, more power to you and I genuinely hope you're enjoying your time playing. It's just not mine. At least not mixed with Destiny.

Breaks or "Off-Season"

Finally, I realize the collective response to this season being less than stellar has been to just take a break from Destiny, which don't get me wrong, I am. But I want to be playing Destiny. Destiny has been my favorite game for nearly a decade now, so I want to be playing it. But I can't force myself to log in to grind half-assed and lackluster content.

I'm also aware that people have theorized that this season is like a break season for the devs as well. However, if that's the case, don't market and sell this season as the same price as the rest of them. Or give us the option to not have to pay for this season in the bundle. It's so annoying that I pay the same price for Season of Plunder as I do for other seasons that are much better in quality and quantity.

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She is falling in love all over again ❤❤❤

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r/pics 21h ago Take My Energy Duck Dance Gold Cake Coin Gift Ally All-Seeing Upvote Silver Wholesome Helpful I'll Drink to That Hugz

Backstory Rented a hotel and now it’s my first time drinking. Just wanted to share since I have no friends

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Paradox Reply Paradox shamelessly stole artwork from my mod

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Teslas new robot

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M 2 Karens vs a sleep deprived worker. I actually did what they wanted.


(Quick Key: OHF= Old/Handicapped Folks former workplace…Blueberry -Former boss a Karen…Pickle -boss’s assistant also a Karen…Pretzel - other graveyard shift worker)

I no longer work at OHF, but I am still contacted by Blueberry, Pickle, and other staff. Little more Lore here. Blueberry used to be a good boss. She was really good for the first six years. Then she was given an award and shoved her favorite stick up her rear end and never saw a need to pull it out. After that, Pickle came along. I am pretty sure Pickle has multiple sticks up their rear but I don't want to figure out why. Pickle is a backstabbing manipulator who wants to run things their way or be the puppeteer for whoever is on top. Thanks to Pickle, the sticks, and Pickle's backstabbing shenanigans, Blueberry has become a Karen in charge of OHF. Pickle had always disliked me and I never knew why. Pickle was Blueberry's pet and second in command, which also meant that Pickle was allowed and encouraged to follow and critique all staff. Pickle nitpicked anything and everything that Me, Pretzel, and a couple other staff did. Even if we did the thing Pickle wanted us to do the way they asked, we would be yelled at. Both Blueberry and Pickle would yell and belittle staff, especially when together. Now, on with the story. Pretzel and I both worked graveyard shift, passing meds, toilet runs, and cleaning were all always on the list of to dos. Pretzel likes playing hard, and asked for the wierdest graveyard shift schedule I have ever seen. Two on, one off, one on, three off. That was her usual, making mine a direct reflection of hers. It was horrible. We finally got ourselves figured out, Pretzel and I would trade off and on, two on, three off. I usually had the three in a row. A couple months into the new schedule, Pickle butted their way into our schedules. Pickle didn't like how Pretzel and I weren't killing ourselves with chaotic schedules or something along those lines. So, she wormed her way into being the one making the schedule for all staff to follow. She disliked me way more than Pretzel so she put me on four graveyards in a row, two nights off, and back to the four. Pretzel was moved to swing/2nd shift for a few nights and filling the two graveyards I had off. I could not take more than three in a row. After three, my mind becomes a bowl of red jello with chunks of cherries in it. I can barely function enough to pass as human. Let alone be a proper caregiver. Blueberry and Pickle were both fully aware of this. They had been for a while. All staff was fully aware of it. Pickle used my jello state as a tool to constantly attempt to hack me to figurative pieces. Saying that I was making errors that were worthy of firing me, but they'd give me another chance. I warned them over and over again, that if the schedule was not returned to the way Pretzel and I had agreed on before, I would turn my two week's notice in. Blueberry and Pickle decided to ignore me and keep on their trail. One day, Pickle dared me to do something about my situation. MALICIOUS COMPLIANCE UNLOCKED! I got to work. At the time, I was working two other jobs, (day/1st shift hours, I would work for 4-5 hours) and my bosses there were noticing a decline in my work ethic. I asked for a raise from one and put my two week's notice in at OHF. Pickle and Blueberry still call me, asking me to come back to work there.

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Show Spoiler I'll stand by this until the day I die

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Anybody know how to improve the 5-5-3 formation?

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News & Discussion You don't need *every* cosmetic


I am seeing people in this sub bellyaching about the prices of the Overwatch 2 cosmetics. Have some of you never played another Free to Play video game? ( Fortnite, Apex Legends, Warzone, ect ). You are not supposed to buy every cosmetic. In fact, you are not even required to buy a single item in the item shop.

At most, you should only buy the Battlepass and maybe the Starter pack. While the overwatch battlepass will not give you premium currency, the starter pack will actually give you 500 premium currency. Couple that with the 500 currency you will get from completing season challenges, and you will have enough currency to purchase the Season 2 battlepass for free.

The era of Overwatch 1 lootboxes is over. We truly had it too good for many years. Now we are in the current era of live service games. We have 3 choices:

A. Stop playing Overwatch outright

B. Play Overwatch, but don't spend a single cent

C. Adapt to the new free to play style and only purchase items you definitely enjoy

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I whisper and laugh with my partner at the movies and you should too.


It’s a public viewing. It’s our only date without kids or work or (…) in months. It’s literally half the fun for us, and we also paid a lot of money to be there. She makes me laugh, and cry and think.

Don’t be intentionally annoying, do be conscientious if people ask you to be quiet (try to sit away from folks when you can etc) - but absolutely enjoy yourselves and, if necessary, the ire of people shaming you for that.

If you don’t want to hear or see or engage other people then a public performance is probably not the best move?

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I got Minecraft to run on my flip phone

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Warning: Loud Kai finally makes the front page of twitch

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Opinion Should song titles be retired like jersey numbers? Obviously it’d be impossible to enforce that, but this dog water is just disrespecting Uzi imo

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My wife took my 4 year old son to a barber shop

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Opinion I've gotta say what I've gotta say


I hate Trisha as much as the next person here, but I think sometimes we take it too far. Yes she deserves no form of amnesty or justification, but I feel sometimes people attack her just to attack her. I'm sure it's like a release of some sort, I'm absolutely guilty of doing this. But I feel it waters down the true criticism of her when I just see people calling her fat or names or anything just in the spirit of being mean. To me, it makes you no better than her who is just as flagrant with lies and misinformation.

I'm not trying to brigade anything just sharing my thoughts. We vilify everyone for attacking Ethan for being fat, but then we turn around and attack Trisha for it too. I get it she totally deserves every modicum of hate that she 1000% earned, but it's that old saying of don't get dragged down to their level.

Let's have some real criticism instead of just nitpicking and attacking her to attack her. Like we can attack her for being a negligent parent who did 0 prep work and only has her for a photo opportunity, but when we start just being mean to be mean I feel it loses it's validity.

Fuck Trisha. Fuck her and her vile rhetoric she spews and lies she fabricates to convince herself she is unflawed. Shes a harmful role model and influencer (it's a stretch to her that I know).

I guess it boils down to TL;DR let's attack Trisha on valid points let's not just create ad hominem attacks for the sake of it. Or do whatever it's the internet Im not the police or your parents. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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Cinema/Music Ponniyin Selvan RANT!


I think everyone in this sub is allowed to post their individual opinion about their likes and dislikes about a particular film/any flair.

Last night, I got to watch ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ in the cinemas and I felt that it’s not even close to the sky rocketing hype the crew gave/audience had.

Starting from the very first scene to the end, excluding a very few notable good scenes, every damn scene was like words written in running water and the way it hit the face was literally weak.

I was not able to see Karthi as a person from the 10th or 9th century as his mannerisms were still like how he had acted in his previous films like ‘Saguni’ or ‘All in All Azhagu Raja’. His flirting jokes were literally crap to me. Vikram was a bit okay in a few scenes but still his performance was just average. I liked Jayam Ravi’s performance out of all the three main male characters.

Coming to Trisha, her screen presence was one of the very few things which carried the film to some good extent. Aishwarya Rai was looking so artificial on the whole and I just can’t appreciate a character just for their glowing beauty.

A.R Rahman has carried the film in his shoulders. Okay, but to which extent? He’s just over confident in his work nowadays. I agree that the album is damn good and I listen to ‘Ponni Nadhi’ very often but I was disappointed with the BGM score and it just did not translate well on the whole.

For the amount of promotions, hype & the buzz the team/crew created, I will definitely want the film to be massive just like how they made it up. I will want a Bahubali/KGF kind of a experience when I step out of theatre if the movie is classified as an epic.

Overall, my rating for this film is just 2/5. (That too for some elevating scenes which helped me from not sleeping)

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🔞 Warning: Graphic Content 🔞 Head banger

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KaiCenat | Just Chatting You good Kai?…

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COMEDY Solana will be the top layer one smart contract blockchain soon


Solana will replace Ethereum as the top smart contract chain

Solana continues to improve after every set back

As many of you probably heard, Solana was down yesterday and although many of you view this as a bad thing for the 9th largest blockchain I think you should reconsider.

No other blockchain has experienced the amount of down time that Solana has, what this tells me is that now other blockchain is as prepared to deal with an issue as Solana is.

A good example of this is viewing past outages.

  • September, 2021 - Solana goes down for 18 hours
  • September, 2022 - Solana goes down for 6 hours

Did you see the difference? In one short year Solana was able to cut it's down time in a major outage by less than half, this is thanks to their experience dealing with past outages.

See the image below for Solana Outages in 2022


So we can see that January had a lot and I mean a lot of outages, but look what happened after that. No outages in February or march, only one outage per month after that on April, May and June.

I'm seeing real improvements from the Solana team on not only reducing the number of outages but also shortening the amount of time it takes to get the network back up after each outage.

Some of you might call me an idiot or say I'm to optimistic but I see a near future where Solana might be down to only three or four outages a year, how many other blockchains can say the same thing?

How does Solana compare with other Layer ones?




Having a centralized entity makes it easier to get things done

See the image below to view token allocation of different chains


As you can see almost 50% of SOL was distributed to VCs, many view this as a bad thing and continue to claim that a decentralized network is better for the community. The truth is that having a large amount of millionaires and billionaires running the network makes for fast and efficient decision making. You don't have to vote or try to explain to token holders why certain decisions should be made, the people in charge can simply make the best decisions that would benefit the network and those benefits will eventually trickle down to the token holders.

I think the data speaks for itself, Solana is just built different than the other chains it's competing against.

Solana is going places in 2022 and you want to be sure not to miss it.

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searching a couch

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Warning: Loud 100k

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What is the most subtly horrible balance change?


What are the most not so obvious horrible balance ideas that Riot could possible add in to the game -------------------------------- Not talking about add 'infinite damage' for a champion or 'infinite range' for a champion. Subtly horrible things that ruin the game, and there is a small chance that Riot would think it's a good idea.For example.........

Permanent 5 damage scaling on Ezreal Q whenever he hits a champion

Kha'zix R provides cc immunity and 200% bonus ms for the duration

Tristana W has the same cast time as ezreal E

Akali shroud doesn't reveal her at all even when she attacks

Nidalee Q moves faster

Kassadin's R stores charges (0.1 sec cd)

r/gaming 10h ago

Answer. Give.

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