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Hogwarts Legacy Introduces Harry Potter Series' First Transgender Character


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Is this a good profile picture for trying to be funny?

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Misleading Title 1 year ago today a school confiscated my artwork for being “criminal,” so I framed the evidence tags

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Corned beef and pastrami. This is just half….

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Politics 👩‍⚖️ We’ve heard plenty about abortion rights and legal weed in Minnesota now, but what about gun control?


Are Minnesota’s gun laws expected to become more strict now that the DFL is in charge?

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I’m sorry but these are industrial waste made to look like cookies

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Would you date a furry? Why or why not?


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My boyfriend played with my mom's dead corpses


So my mom was on hospice last month, she had cancer. So me and my boyfriend stayed at her house till the end. She was on hospice for 8 days and died. After she died, I went to the kitchen and I started contacting family members about the death. My boyfriend was left alone in the room. When I was done with the phone calls, I went to the room and saw him playing with her death corpse. He was moving her mouth around like she was talking, and he also was moving her hand in a circular motion like she was talking using hand jesters. I started asking him what was he doing and to stop. He stops after I caught him. What should I do about this?

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Question Should I call myself German to other Germans?


Hello, bit of a weird question but here it goes. I’m half American and German, my father was born a German citizen and left as a child when my grandparents came to the US. Since my father was a dual citizen at the time of my birth, I am German by descent and a dual citizen myself. However, I have never been to Germany nor do I speak German. Would other Germans think it’d be weird or would I look stupid if I called myself German?

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🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​ Traumatizing your kid for clout.

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Question 🤔 Harry looks gorgeous as always.. but who is the blonde man and why is he grabbing his ass?!


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Discuss We talk about Salman, Ranbir & Akshay having too many gfs' but we never talk about how promiscuous Rekha, Sushmita & Priyanka have been!


I agree, our men have been quite the players but our women haven't been any less than that.

Rekha - Vinod Mehra, Amitabh Bacchan, Akshay Kumar, Mukesh Agarwal, Biswajit Chatterjee, Sajid Khan, Navin Nischol, Jeetendra, Shatrughan Sinha, Yash Kohli... The list goes on.

Sushmita - Vikram Bhatt, Randeep Hooda, Sanjay Narang, Imtiaz Khatri, Manav Menon, Bunty Sachdeva, Wasim Akram, Ritik Bhasin, Rohman Shawl, Lalit Modi.... On & on.

Priyanka - Aseem Merchant, Harman Baweja, Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Akshay Kumar, Gerald Butler, Ranbir Kapoor, and it goes on.

Quite the list lmao

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FAQ that is asked too frequently 😤😡💀💩 So does the sub think it's 'not weird' to shit on people who ask questions? Cuz it's pretty weird.


This sub is becoming a gate keeping stink hole. If you don't like a post don't read it and move on. Stop trying to poke at how people do their research.

It is not a requirement by anyone to do X amount of research before making a post on Reddit. What is this fucking grad school? At best it's an anonymous Facebook. Y'all pretending like Reddit has some merit other than single liberal nerds being stingy.

There are plenty of reasons why a researcher/OP might ask a community a question before doing research:

  1. It generates local opinions for you to research instead of starting from nowhere
  2. It creates conversation which some people by need to learn better from
  3. It creates new questions the OP wouldn't have through of
  4. It gives the OP a sense of what people here are like
  5. You don't have to question the validity of some website
  6. Reddit is a casual platform and I don't see it being detrimental to make such a post
  7. it takes 2 minutes to make a post but 20 minutes to do research, (refer to point 1 to see why this is important)

It's just so stupid to see all of you hate on people.

You're literally taking time to enter a thread you know you don't like to be angry. Maybe just don't click on the post? There are real people behind those questions and for the past few weeks especially most of you have been fucking assholes.

So if you're angry about this post and you leave a comment then I ask why didn't you just turn away? What does an angry comment do for you? What do you gain? Cuz all you're doing is making the OP, a person, feel like they're unwelcome here because YOU think they should use Google. AND you waste your time and emotional energy doing it!

How about, from now one, you guys shut the fuck up and let the people who wanna answer the thread answer it?

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Pourquoi Reddit est très majoritairement de gauche/extrême-gauche ?


Reddit est connu pour être un bastion très protégé de la Gauche et de l'extrême-gauche. Pourquoi ?

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🚨 Debunked Bloomberg Terminal Data - GME



C & P


Short Interest


So it turned out that RC indeed has a stake in these stonks mentioned by the media.Okay enjoy the data. 👋 <-- EDIT: apparently not true


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DISCUSSION Can Shiba-Inu change their public image and be considered a legit layer two for Ethereum?


Do you believe that the upcoming Shibarium release could change the public perception of SHIBA-INU?

I know it sounds ridiculous to most but lets remember how many legit crypto currencies have gone the other way around to become memes.

LUNA classic now still exist and was once considered a legit chain, now considered by most a meme coin that is still traded but has no real future.

FTT somehow still exist without FTX somehow and sits at #211 with a market cap of 624 million

Is it really that impossible for SHIB to change it's image and go from Meme coin to legit L2? and before you answer remember that new comers into crypto don't hold your same biases against it, to them it might just be another L2 Ethereum.

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discussion Electronic? Beyoncé? Are you fucking kidding me?


The Grammys are fucked. You had Bonobo and Rufus du Sol in the running who both made some of the best albums of the year.

Both introspective and emotional.

Beyoncé wins? WTF

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minecraft doesn't need guns

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Kürtçe nerder bu rezillik nedir

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Clans Clan man bad as usual

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Economics ELI5: How is it that we have 8 billion people on Earth, and yet it seems like almost all businesses and services are short-staffed?


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Nachrichten DE Umfrage: So gendern die Deutschen


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The death sentence is barbaric and should never be used under any circumstance


It’s insane to me that some governments have the right to murder their own citizens and we need to leave this practice in the past if we are to progress as a species

Edit: thanks everyone so much for the responses, I’m having a blast listening to all your opinions on the matter