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Questions Can someone explain to me why ppl look at me like I have 3 heads when I tell them I need to scan their license for alcohol!?


LIKE this is required...are dashers bypassing this or something? They think I'm just giving them a hard time lol or do they just not remember from drinking?

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Dm please


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OC Triple Custom 3.0 ( the roles where swapped )

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Rant bro I'm genuinely so confused


so I have this one plant and the pot keeps getting covered in like dirt but also not dirt i don't know wtf it is some of it looks worm-ey but it's not worms and it just appears

like this is the third time it's happened and I genuinely have no idea what's causing it.

there was a bit of it underneath the shelf my plant is on. like there's a whole piece of wood separating them. like how the actual fuck did it get there.

I'm so fucking confused like what the actual fuck. I can't find anything about it happening anywhere someone help me I'm being haunted

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Cat Picture The look she gives me when I try to sing

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DISCUSSION If you feel smurfed on....


Send me a message on here or add me on steam (oddishallen) I teach people in my free time and have been for years (for free). Many of the people I have taught went on to be champ, gc, and even ssl. I usually ask players in my matches if they want to learn and so today I thought since a lot of the community seems to be not feeling so well about losing so much I thought I would help. I work a job so if I don't answer right away I may be at work. It doesn't matter your rank or skill. I teach all with a goal of self improvement but im not a miracle worker it is ultimately up to you to put the effort in.

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Here’s day 1 of my own inktober! I didn’t wanna do the prompts for this year’s, so I decided to just do my own thing. Enjoy!

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I’ll be sure to post all my DHMIS related ones on here!

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Reading Request - Career Why Am I Struggling In My Internship This Year? Why Is It So Challenging?


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Does anyone know what type are those trees near the tennis courts at Dan Nicholas Park?


I would like to take some family pictures in the fall but want to know when the leaves turn yellow. Thank you ver much!

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POST-GAME Rook sack for style points rather than M1

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Body Fat % Question M/22/6’2 - Estimated bf%?

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Help Better Animals Plus


I have tried installing the Better Animals Plus on my server but I don't know how to find out if I was successful or not.

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Tonto Dikeh Emotionally Begs For Prayers

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The horrors of war

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Solved What is this fossil? Northern WA, USA.


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Lances Golaço do Roger Guedes

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Doctor claims 50% of Children who suffer Myocarditis due to COVID Vaccination will be dead within 5 years

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Questions To start V2 I need to make this suit but I can’t bc some of the materials I need for it are in V2??

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Anyone else have to do this?

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Energy bills for millions of N.J. gas customers will soon soar by as much as 25%

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Discussion Gaming laptop or Gaming pc


I'm going to be moving soon to uni and stuff like that and im long overdue for a new pc this upcoming november, with that being said though is it worth getting a gaming laptop with like a 3050 and 11th gen cpu so i can game and move anywhere without having to worry about getting a new pc or should i just buy a gaming pc and maybe move with it. Appreciate it if anyone can help me im quite conflicted many people are telling me that laptops overheat and are to heavy etc. (my current pc is like 8 years old i cant run shit)

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Wendigo Progress for our Supernatural Survival Game - The Wrath of Whispers


When I launched our funding campaign I found myself annoyed not having progress to show on any supernatural elements of the game, so for the last couple weeks I’ve been designing a wendigo that’ll now be added to the third demo we have planned to release Q1 of next year. I'm spending a few more days on it to make sure it's game ready for when I can come back to it's AI and animation after the second demo launches.

Check out the latest Dev Diary to find out about my development process and more!



The first of them appeared during a time of famine when a cold winter full of unsuccessful hunts led some to eat the snow, even against warnings from their elders. The snow numbed their lips so they hardly noticed when they began to enjoy the taste of their own flesh, some even eating their tongues. Once they began to cannibalize, a wendigo spirit would possess them giving them an uncontrollable hunger.

I have some terrifying ideas in mind for how these things will sound; guttural noises when it’s idle and feasting, very human screams for help from a distance that become slightly distorted if you get closer as the cries for help turn to silence or a subtle demonic-like laughter before it begins to hunt you.

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A bit more stuck


So I’ve been have no trouble getting out of vehicles. I know how to get in but the way that it said to get out doesn’t work. Any body know what to do?

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my grunt team

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Discussion When do each box of fun typically release during the year?


Pretty much the title. We just had one yesterday for Halloween. Theres always one for San Diego in July too. When are the other ones? What I’m pretty much asking is how many are normally released every year and when do they normally release (like month or season). Thank you!

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Anyone else think that this song sounds like the Soul Sanctum theme?