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ChariDoge Launched 1 Minutes | The Birth Of ChariDoge World's Best Community Meme Coin | Meme Token


The Birth Of ChariDoge

World's Best Community Meme Coin Contract address: 0x03337b2DB0917C9C149cF70570aC014C6A71a65a

ChariDoge has learned a few tips and tricks from his meme father, Doge. ChariDoge seeks to impress his father by showing his new, improved transaction fierceness. New crypto birthed by the community seeking to burn would be happy to know that it’s hyper-deflationary with an integrated staking system built in to reward you, so more ChariDoge are automatically added to your wallet for each transaction. So HODL, and watch it burn brighter than any Doge you have ever encountered!

Rewards in your wallet

ChariDoge is adorable, but he’s got a lot of bites! ChariDoge is a deflationary coin that will grow in scarcity over time. By just keeping ChariDoge coins in your wallet, you will EARN NOT ChariDoge BUT BNB, which will be immediately sent to your wallet. Keep an eye on the number of ChariDoge in your wallet grow as every transaction on the ChariDoge generates a 5% charge for all holders. The community obtains extra ChariDoge coins as a result of the transaction fees.

Supply burnt

50% of our total supply will be burnt.

Project development/ marketing wallet

4% of all transactions are goes to the project development/ marketing wallet


4% of total supply wiil be for reflections.


3% will be allocated to liquidity.




Simply visit trustwallet.com or metamask.io and download the application. The app is secure and widely used in the DeFI market. Proceed registering new account and remember to never share your seed/recovery phrase!


Purchase BNB to fund your wallet. This coin can be purchased in exchanger or directly from your wallet.


In Trust Wallet Go to DApps & click on PancakeSwap In Metamask go to browser and paste link below to visit PancakeSwap. Click Connect at the top right corner to connect your wallet.


Click ‘select a currency’ & enter the contract address below and start swapping coin. Contract address: 0x03337b2DB0917C9C149cF70570aC014C6A71a65a

Roadmap Here is how we go about it!

Phase 1



Phase 2

Website launching


Phase 3




5,000 telegram members

Phase 4

Airdrop for top holders

Manual burn event

Contract address: 0x03337b2DB0917C9C149cF70570aC014C6A71a65a

Website : https://www.charidogebnb.com/

Telegram : https://t.me/Chari_Doge

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Tried on a couple of heavy hitters (AD pre-owned)

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go to CAT6 and what specs for baseline


Looking to standardize on true CAT6 cabling but not sure where to start.

What do you recommend and what specs should be used to weed out the fake CAT6 cabling?


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I wish they would come to my state (or anything remotely close to me that doesn't cost the price of a kidney to go to)


This is kind of a rant post about why I hate being a music fan who lives in stupid fucking West Virginia, absolutely NO BAND wants to perform here and it's not any bands fault more or less just the fact that West Virginias dying economy isn't well off enough to even have the money to pay bands to come and perform in our state or nobody in the state has interest in these bands performing here. we only get shitty bluegrass bands and boomers in leather jackets covering shit like freebird (killer song btw). I'm sorry that this has nothing to do with anything, it's just that everytime that I have a slight chance of seeing the boys, I end up getting fucked up the ass with a spiky metal dildo. Still though, there's a slight possibility that the North Carolina show in October.

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Fauna/Euclid/3.89 Red & Brown T-Rex Raptor Companion i found on my very first system that i thought you guys might like


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90's kids when


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EDM + Soft Rap [Ascending Danceability] | Hype Up | Parties | Car Music | Remixes

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/r/thewire hit 90k subscribers yesterday

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What to do with expensive gifts after breakup


So I gave my ex a gaming pc and an iPhone because he asked for them when we were dating, I broke up with him few weeks ago and now I’m thinking about asking him to give me the gifts back since they’re really expensive. Do I have the right to do it?

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Tracking Number


Received my tracking number, but no instructions on what site to track it with.

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Idris Elba Fights Off a Ferocious Lion in First Official ‘Beast’ Trailer

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Disgusting Character


Such a sickly thing: luridly pink, horrible blue eyes, constantly blushing like an idiot, wears the worst-looking and most generic shoes, and barely has any arms. Placeholder garbage of character design made by a 19 year old and loved by 9 year olds who don't know any better.

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Mule! [PS5] W: Mule H: Ask!


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Crushes You make me smile :)


Lovely miss,

Why couldn’t I have just met you a little sooner? Two weeks is not nearly enough time, but I’ve already fallen so damn hard for you.

You make me forget about all the bad in the world so I can be in the moment smiling with you. I want you to be my girl. Long distance, anything. I would do anything to call myself yours. Your presence gives me light and hope for love again.

Please don’t break my heart; I don’t know what I’d do with myself. I will never push you before you’re ready, but this also just feels way too good to be true, and I have never felt more ready to dive in to become head over heels for someone the way I already am for you.

You occupy all my thoughts through the day, and I have no idea why the world made us meet right when I have to go. The universe is strange that way. But I know you’ve been brought into my life for a reason, and for that I am beyond thankful.

You told me yourself that this is “planned happitence.” You are worth the risk. You are worth long distance. You are worth my world.

You are -

Brilliant, Bold and Beautiful;

Remarkably resilient;

Insanely Incredible, Indescribably Insightful;

Stunning and Super Sweet;

Amazing, Adorable, Actually an Angel.


Your sunflower beauty queen

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Subreddit Meta Reminder: Don't stop until the bots are fixed


I see a lot of people celebrating, but we gotta keep our momentum until we actually get a fix. We aren't looking for tweets, we want fixes.

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[FOR HIRE] Colorful anime/cartoon paintings! Prices start as low as $10 for sketch commissions! Please DM me for more information and a price quote

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Satire A new irreverent movie written and directed by George Lucas of American Graffiti has been announced.

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news Xiaomi K200 laser printer with NFC reader for one-tap printing released!

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Mega Raid Mega Altaria - 3671 8589 6643


3671 8589 6643 adding 10

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Is it possible to replace an elective course after completion?


I want to get a different elective to be applied towards my degree, would it be possible?

Alternatively what are my options to deal with 1 course with the lowest grade? Besides retaking it, since it was only an elective.

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DISCUSSION I'm Asking Ya (IMAY) #3 - Answer in comments (with a link if you want)

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FACT Romans 16:26 ... is a huge slap in the face to the "Hidden in Mystery" fallacy taught by Felix Manalo

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Discussion Round 2 - If I'm playing against someone that's multiple rounds ahead I would like a notice (Or, explain if possible)

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Question Fleetwood Mac - Dreams


Has anyone else been hooked on this song? Ever since I heard billy singing it in the car I haven’t been able to shake it lol

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[android or/and ios] [2010-2018] i don't remember what cell i had but i do remember it was 4 years ago.


Platform(s): android / ios

Genre: rpg/fantasy/medieval

Estimated year of release: 2010-2018

Graphics/art style: cartoon, not real, more like animated, but the monsters didn't move, like a picture, but it seems to have used a 3D engine to make it.

Notable characters: i don't remember

Notable gameplay mechanics: the battle system was an horizontal bar with a space and a pointing that moves across the bar and you do damage when near the center of that space and miss if press out of it. Also there was green grass all over the place. The view was like from the sky you only see the soil, like a 2D game, but it gave the vibs of a 3D one, like a combination. You could place traps to capture the monsters. The monsters appeard from anywhere in the screen and you press on them to fight them, of course you couldn't see what mob it is until the battle starts i think or maybe this was only for higher lv monsters. Also there was a house you could expand and the decoration of it was divided in squares to put the items inside them, the houses costs gold, also i think there were weapon you could buy to attack more easy the monsters.

Other details: the monsters i remember were several species of wolves, a dark purple spider, a blue cyclop, a red dragon, there were also blue slimes. Also you aren't a character or you don't have a face i think i don't remember ever seen my player.