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Educational Purpose Only I asked ChatGPT to Answer "What is the Best Way to Increase Karma on Reddit?"


Is ChatGPT becoming the new Google? lol. I have been seeing a lot of people talking about using it to ask questions instead of search engines, and thought I would give it a try by asking the best way to increase karma on reddit. Gotta say, I'm not mad at the answer it provided!

The best way to increase karma on Reddit is by consistently providing valuable content, having engaging discussions, being respectful towards others, and following the rules of the subreddits you participate in. Here are some tips:

  1. Participate in popular subreddits related to your interests and share valuable information and insights.
  2. Ask questions and engage in discussions with others in a friendly and helpful manner.
  3. Avoid spamming, self-promotion, or posting irrelevant content in subreddits.
  4. Post original content that is interesting and thought-provoking.
  5. Upvote and comment on other users' posts to increase visibility and build relationships within the community.

Note: Reddit's algorithm heavily weights the recency of actions, so be active and engage regularly to maintain and increase your karma.

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What to do with excess escrow credit


We are currently under contract and we're getting almost $15000 in credit towards closing cost from the seller, our realtor and the lender. Our estimated closing cost is around $9000. We have an option to either reduce the excess credit from our purchase price, add it to the principle or use it to buy points and lower our interest rate. Which one would be more beneficial in the long run?

Also, our realtor says this credit cannot be used towards down payment. Is this true?

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Beginner Questions Lessons & Fitting - Which first?


I've been saving up to get a fitting and some lessons but now that I'm able to do so I'm wondering which I should do first. Do I get fit and then start lessons or do I take lessons, potentially fix some things, and then get fit? I'd hate to get fit for my current swing and then take lessons, make changes, and then the clubs don't suit me anymore. Just wondering if anyone has any insight or experience with doing both fairly close together.

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Gameboy advance flip out cover


Anyone know where I can buy one of these flip out screen cover things?


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Art [OC] [comm] Elven water Genasi

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🖤 nothing strange at all, just a case of water bottles.

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what would cause a minecraft servers ip to chage every time the machines that's hosting it turns off and back on again?


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[Request] If one could dig up the top 6 inches of Scotland and placed it in a pile how massive would the pile be?


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Events & Meetups Cosplay Meetup!

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Dm or comment if you have questions or anything’s ^

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The main reason I can't fully embrace Strung Out


It's their singer. He'll write a strong melody every so often, but it seems like a lot of the time he just picks a few random notes with in the scale and bounces around aimlessly between them. It's in the right scale. He hits the note. But it's just not that good.

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2017 satellite radio questions


So I have a 2017 lt with xm radio. It is no longer receiving a signal. I contacted xm and they say it is a vehicle issue. Anyone experienced this issue?

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English Feds See Cow Repeatedly Shot, Pig Kicked; PETA Seeks Criminal Charges


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Haul rightstuf manga haul🫣


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Schooling Need help deciding what associate degree I need! Please help.


I’m looking into my community college and they offer an AS in Radiologic Technology. I want to be a Radiation Therapist. Can I apply to Radiation Therapy jobs still? Or do I absolutely NEED to find a certificate program for radiation therapy after I get my Associates and pass the AART?? I’m confused! TIA!! (:

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"Hatred", me, procreate, 2023

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TFW the T3 ore extractor unlocks five minutes after setting up the last ore outpost with a teleporter


LOL, the last big push seemed to be for the pulsar quartz so I could finish setting up teleporters at the remaining mines. The game only gave me enough pulsar quartz for four teleporters, and it was long time running ore back and forth from the remaining mines.

Finally, PQ crafting unlocks and I spent the next couple hours setting up more teleporters at all of the other mines in caves. And just as I was finished and about to begin enjoying running the circuit without all the cross-country running, the T3 unlocks meaning I no longer need my extractors placed at their designated caves.

This is my first playthrough, and I think I might have gotten PQ unlocked sooner if I prioritized things differently throughout the game.

Overall, this is one of the best games I've played in a long time. I usually don't buy early access games, but this one enticed me. It turned out to be far better than I hoped. The pacing most of the time seemed perfect--always something new to do or a new convenience. Looking forward to seeing it as the devs add more and polishing it up.

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Kennt jemand aleyna tilki und hat bock auf die? DM mit einem Bild von ihr wenn ihr die kennt


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Almost missed new series Extraordinary, don't make the same mistake!


A clip that had me laughing: https://youtu.be/8xeNkv9-mD0

Reddit was showing me the trailer so frequently that it was putting me off. I was thinking you can't tell me what to do! Then I saw the recommendation for Extraordinary on the Upload (on prime) sub and thought, eh nothing to lose. And clicked on Extraordinary.

And thank god! I was laughing literally from the first scene. It's somehow risqué and wholesome at the same time. It's well written. It's fascinating how their powers are used. One of the characters is called Jizzlord.

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📢 Discussion 📢 Adopt me progress in 40 days, how did I do? Ones with red slashes I got from an old account(6 slides)


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Restyles trying to restyle lagoonas hair to hide her slight wonk! cant even see it irl anymore <3


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Bashing I made a temporary pop-up track for my family to try out some RC racing. Here is the footage.


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35[M4F] Canada/Anywhere - Honestly, I just have baby fever. Who wants to start a family ASAP?


I've given this a lot of thought and while I'm sure many of you will think I'm crazy, I'd like to reassure you that you're probably right.

So let's get to it. I'm 35, and I really, truly thought I'd have a family by now. I went out and bought a nice house, I have a decent career, great friends, I'm healthy and fit, and I've had my fair share of dating experience..yet here I am. Covid lockdown was the wake up call I needed to make me stop and go 'wait hold on, what is this all for?' and despite my efforts to date IRL, I've come to terms with the fact I have to be more direct. So here is me, being very very direct: let's elope.

Here is my ideal arrangement: You can quit your job or keep it, it's up to you. I can comfortably provide for a family, and I'm quite stable. That said, I do have the opportunity to work remote and could even switch careers, so I'm not particularly attached to a location. Right now, I'm in Canada ( which is great if you're looking for healthcare haha ). I have a good list of hobbies and interests, but I will say I'm a pretty well rounded person. I'll play games, I'll go on hikes, I'll try new things and am always willing to learn :)

So, to avoid making this too long, my ideal candidate is just someone who really, truly knows she is ready to have kids. We can talk, date, fall madly inlove but I'm absolutely not here to spend the next few years 'feeling it out'. I want to know you're committed to making this happen, and that you know we will keep building on what we start to have the cutest, most wholesome little life imaginable :)

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Are these little “hairs” under the strings something I should be concerned about?

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Bilingual Environmental Health and Safety Technician