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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/teddytwelvetoes Jan 13 '23

he's still getting paid 10+ lifetimes worth of money in one (1) year to watch a money printer lol


u/Hi_Im_Dadbot Jan 13 '23

Ok, that’s inaccurate. You’re forgetting all his stock options and the like which he’s able to sell in a pinch, so it’s really closer to a thousand or a million lifetimes worth of cash.


u/memethereisnot Jan 13 '23

A million lifetimes? Are you suggesting that the average person makes less than $100 in their lifetime?


u/DonaldJenkins Jan 13 '23

that's like true isn't it. Just factor in all people in the world globally


u/senorswagster Jan 14 '23

Way too low, median income per year is probably around $500-1000. Let alone a whole life time


u/robertsong87 Jan 13 '23

They're probably reporting his pay as what the shares are worth. Still getting paid the same number of shares they're just worth about 40% less


u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23



u/camisado84 Jan 14 '23

CEOs can not sell their stocks “in a pinch”.


u/Seiglerfone Jan 13 '23

No, it's not inaccurate. Meanwhile, you literally just tried to assert the average person makes $40 in their life.


u/Hi_Im_Dadbot Jan 13 '23

That’s an … interesting … take on what I said, I suppose?


u/Seiglerfone Jan 13 '23

Yeah, interesting... that's what you call the ability to divide 40 million by 1 million.

Division... interesting.


u/ShotokanSide Jan 13 '23

He isn't making $40m/yr. He took a 40% paycut, which amounts to $40m less. So he was making $100m beforehand. And Dadbot also said "add his stock options and bonuses", which apparently amount to around $1 billion. So the number to divide is $1,060,000,000. Still, not a million lifetimes worth of money. A thousand lifetimes would be way more accurate.


u/rich519 Jan 13 '23 edited Jan 13 '23

He just did the math on numbers you gave. Tim Cook will get about $50 million in 2023, including stock options. If that’s the money of a million lifetimes it would be an average of $50 per lifetime.

The median American life time earning is 1.7M which makes Tim Cook’s salary 30 life times. Much closer to the 10+ number the original comment gave that you called incorrect before making up your own numbers.