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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23



u/dynamojoe Jan 13 '23

wet cat shit

you mean iFertilizer?


u/SmokelessSubpoena Jan 13 '23

Now with less features, but a cool Apple Image is on the shitbags, so the added costs will require a 20% increase in cost, again, no new features, but to keep up with society, you'll need to buy the NEW iFertilizer


u/SuburbanHell Jan 13 '23

proprietary shitbags


u/Coders32 Jan 13 '23

Introducing the second generation of the ifertilizer, with features like dry, white, and crumbly. I’d now like to take a moment to talk about the environmental impact of our products. Due to the decreased weight of dry cat shit, we can now ship twice the amount of cat shit for half the emissions!


u/FartingBob Jan 13 '23

Every consumer tech company would start selling their own wet cat shit soon after anyway.


u/BulbusDumbledork Jan 13 '23

samsung: haha yall stan those idiots? our cat shit is still dry💅

samsung: hey guys our shit wet now👉👈😀


u/unledded Jan 13 '23

Why did they do it? The article just says they are changing the way they calculate his compensation, and that Tim had recommended this to some degree. I didn’t see anything about the reasoning or even how the new amount was calculated. (Not trying to be a smart ass, I legitimately can’t figure it out from the article and am now curious)


u/KrauerKing Jan 13 '23

Same reason Iger at Disney is doing the same thing. It will make the company look progressive and like they are taking cuts to be more in line with the poor employees while having so much in the bank that they will never ever have to worry about money for them or their children ever again.


u/lol_ok123 Jan 14 '23

No they are cutting it to counteract the huge raise he got during the tech boom during the pandemic


u/muchosandwiches Jan 13 '23

Where can I pre-order this wet cat shit you speak of? I want to be the first one in my social group to have it.


u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23



u/muchosandwiches Jan 13 '23

My statement is indictment of society's failings, not Apple's.