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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/Kakarot_faps Jan 13 '23

The first rule about rich people is that 99% of them are rich not because of salary. There are over 9 million millionaires in America and almost all of them made it due to their house and/or the stock market making 40 times what they put in 40 years ago.


u/BrazilianTerror Jan 13 '23

Tim Cook’s wealth comes from his salary though. Sure, technically it’s a bonus but it’s compensation for his work, how is that any different than a salary?


u/Kakarot_faps Jan 13 '23

C suite executives at my company make much more from their bonus and stock/ownership than salary, I think it’s fair to say that’s true of cook


u/xXwork_accountXx Jan 13 '23

It’s not that difficult to become a millionaire. Obviously most lower level millionaires will have at least a large portion of their wealth in their house and stocks. It would be dumb not too. There are a lot of millionaire below the age of 40 too.