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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/reasonably_plausible Jan 13 '23

I don't know. With around 65,000 retail employees, I'd think a 2¢/hr raise is more likely to be seen as an insult than as a respected publicity stunt.


u/ganjanoob Jan 13 '23

I got a .15 cent raise an hour per union contract and it just feels like an insult. I’m making good money so it’s not a problem right now but 15 cents isn’t touching inflation.


u/FNALSOLUTION1 Jan 13 '23

I got a dollar/hr raise an immediately after the toll I pay to get home everyday went from $1.25 to $3. Got to love inflation.


u/ganjanoob Jan 13 '23

I’m sorry. I know it’s frustrating when there’s no ability to save up and it feels like inflation just keeps eating you up


u/prncrny Jan 13 '23

I'm making twice what I was 3 years ago and my margins are identical, if not worse. It really eats at a man's confidence.


u/Reflexlon Jan 13 '23

10 years ago if you'd told me that I'd be making what I am now with my benefits like vacation, insurance, bonuses, I'd think I made it and am living life. Nope, I dont take my vacations because I need the EoY pay-out to survive holiday expenditures. Yippee.


u/DarkestNight1013 Jan 13 '23

Dude right? Just in 2022 I'm making 6 DOLLARS more an hour than I was at the beginning of the year between two lateral moves and a pay raise and my budge no longer contains a savings portion, and I DROPPED a car payment on top of that.

No clue how I'm going to even survive into 2024, and I make over 50k a year.


u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23



u/prncrny Jan 13 '23 edited Jan 15 '23

Or I was making shit money before and I'm making slightly less shit money now?

3 years ago it was 24k. Now it's closer to 56k.

But housing has gone up alot. As has food, power, gas, and literally everything else. Plus we had 2 kids and moved twice.

But, yeah. Go ahead. Tell me it's just me.

Edit: Only 3 down votes and Lready deleted his comment. Coward.


u/Nasa1225 Jan 13 '23

That sucks, but at least per-day you're (in theory and before taxes) up $6.25 with an 8 hour workday.


u/nur5e Jan 13 '23

But I bet the union thugs got a lot more money.


u/L3tum Jan 14 '23

We haven't got a raise in 2 years now. The last one was for 2%, which translates to roughly 6ct/h


u/mferrari_3 Jan 13 '23 edited Jan 14 '23

Multiply the 15 cents by your hours per month and see if it is less than your union dues.
Also UFCW? That's the kind of stuff those amoral human filth would negotiate.
Edit: Looks like some morbidly obese wastes of oxygen found my comment! I guessed right, his awful union was UFCW.
Fuck UFCW. They work for the corporations, do not allow their members to collective bargain, and accomplish nothing. They're not just class traitors, they're domestic terrorists. Grifters who's scam needs to be dismantled and destroyed.


u/ganjanoob Jan 13 '23

How did you know UFCW hahaha I’ve paid 300 this year in dues. I make 28 an hour but a lot of people would consider my position underpaid. They negotiated a 15 cent raise and sold everyone on it like that would match inflation. Thanks for the pamphlet once a year. They address some issues, but it’s so half ass. Come in, say hi to their friends and walk out


u/mferrari_3 Jan 13 '23

Cause I was a member for nearly a decade. The UFCW is the most useless entity in the history of organized labor.
Morbidly obese scumbags who have not stepped foot in a store since Covid started. They are class traitor swine.


u/wreckedcarzz Jan 13 '23

I mean if you don't want it, I'll take it


u/iamNebula Jan 13 '23

I agree that would be a low pay rise but come on. A ceo taking a massive pay cut to pay its employees cannot be seen as a bad thing, you will never be happy if you see things that way. What else is he meant to do? Even you have explained it won't do much cos there's so many employees. A 40% fucking paycut!? What more can he actually do directly regarding his pay.


u/reasonably_plausible Jan 14 '23

I think you think I am the same person as the head of this thread. I don't see it as a bad thing...

People just seem to have a problem with scale in regards to CEO pay and company-wide compensation. Thinking that if only we cut back compensation at the top it would mean massive increases in compensation if spread out to all the workers.