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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/Sneakas Jan 13 '23

It’s because Apple Bad.


u/BagOnuts Jan 13 '23

Apple bad. America bad. Capitalism bad. Did I get them all?


u/TorzulUltor Jan 13 '23

I think you need to add Elon bad now too. It's the latest rage circlejerk.


u/NutInMyCouchCushions Jan 14 '23

Yep. You have to just say that money bad and being rich bad but remember to not provide any actual value to the conversation or solutions to any problems.


u/Watertor Jan 15 '23

Lol what solutions need to be offered? It's simple. Tax the rich, tax their corporations, tax their massive piles of stock options that allow them to say "Well I don't ackshully have 144 billion on hand :emoji:" and for good measure pass legislation to raise min. wage and also enforce a revenue based payment so large corporations doing gangbusters can't just lean back and go "Well we hit the minimum :emoji:"

it's simple shit, it hasn't happened and likely will never happen because the very same billionaires and heavy millionaires lobby against these changes that would slightly slow down their nested doll ultra yacht lifestyle. And there's nothing anyone in this thread put together can do outside of well-placed molotovs, and I'm too cowardly to do it as is the case for everyone else. So here we sit. Let us be pissed about it.


u/Bluetooth_Sandwich Jan 13 '23

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u/TheRavenSayeth Jan 13 '23

Also dishonorable fat american bad


u/Armejden Jan 14 '23

Dishonorable, lmao okay weeb