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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/gnocchicotti Jan 13 '23

It means the board said "even though we have a fiduciary duty to serve the best interests of our shareholders, we gotta take care of our boy and that's more important"


u/Tathorn Jan 13 '23

Glad I don't invest there. Sounds like a shitshow


u/Dc_awyeah Jan 14 '23

Well it’s kind of a company in decline. They used to own the heart of computing, but now with ARM, AMD, and GPUs biting into their market, they’re the old man of the industry. Still the high end of CPU, but that doesn’t mean what it used to.


u/Tathorn Jan 14 '23

From what I've seen, Intel hasn't really given much value to customers compared to its peers over the last decade.


u/aaaaayyyyyyyyyyy Jan 13 '23

Keep in mind that shareholders tend to be very regarded.


u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23



u/aSquirrelAteMyFood Jan 14 '23

Why? I think because even if the board cut his salary by 90% I don't think anyone believes he's going to quit in a fit and somehow find a better paying job. I struggle to see how paying him this much is useful short or long term.


u/astrange Jan 13 '23

The phrase "late stage capitalism" was invented in 1902, so you'd think people would get tired of saying it by now.