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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23

Even if it is a publicity stunt, if he uses that 3 million to give raises to his blue collar employees, it would still be a respected publicity stunt.


u/reasonably_plausible Jan 13 '23

I don't know. With around 65,000 retail employees, I'd think a 2¢/hr raise is more likely to be seen as an insult than as a respected publicity stunt.


u/ganjanoob Jan 13 '23

I got a .15 cent raise an hour per union contract and it just feels like an insult. I’m making good money so it’s not a problem right now but 15 cents isn’t touching inflation.


u/FNALSOLUTION1 Jan 13 '23

I got a dollar/hr raise an immediately after the toll I pay to get home everyday went from $1.25 to $3. Got to love inflation.


u/ganjanoob Jan 13 '23

I’m sorry. I know it’s frustrating when there’s no ability to save up and it feels like inflation just keeps eating you up


u/prncrny Jan 13 '23

I'm making twice what I was 3 years ago and my margins are identical, if not worse. It really eats at a man's confidence.


u/Reflexlon Jan 13 '23

10 years ago if you'd told me that I'd be making what I am now with my benefits like vacation, insurance, bonuses, I'd think I made it and am living life. Nope, I dont take my vacations because I need the EoY pay-out to survive holiday expenditures. Yippee.


u/DarkestNight1013 Jan 13 '23

Dude right? Just in 2022 I'm making 6 DOLLARS more an hour than I was at the beginning of the year between two lateral moves and a pay raise and my budge no longer contains a savings portion, and I DROPPED a car payment on top of that.

No clue how I'm going to even survive into 2024, and I make over 50k a year.


u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23



u/prncrny Jan 13 '23 edited Jan 15 '23

Or I was making shit money before and I'm making slightly less shit money now?

3 years ago it was 24k. Now it's closer to 56k.

But housing has gone up alot. As has food, power, gas, and literally everything else. Plus we had 2 kids and moved twice.

But, yeah. Go ahead. Tell me it's just me.

Edit: Only 3 down votes and Lready deleted his comment. Coward.


u/Nasa1225 Jan 13 '23

That sucks, but at least per-day you're (in theory and before taxes) up $6.25 with an 8 hour workday.