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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/gnocchicotti Jan 13 '23

Pat Gelsinger of Intel is my favorite CEO statistic.

CEO of a company with 1/5 the revenue of Apple, and is in stunning decline, made 80% of Tim Cook's compensation in 2022. For a brief time I recall he made more than Satya Nadella and Tim Cook combined.

I assume there are many ways to split this and it changes all the time due to performance targets and stock price, but if I were an Intel shareholder I would be watching that dude very, very closely to say the least. Shareholders voted 2:1 to reject the pay package in rather uncommon rebuke, but guess what the vote is non-binding because America is about funneling money to the top 0.01% and anyone with a pension fund or a 401k can go fuck themselves.


u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23 edited Jan 13 '23

Pat Gelsinger, and INTC as a whole, is fucking shit. Has been a turn-around story for the last 5 CEOs, it is garbage. I remember when going fabless became the rage and this fucking imbecile decided to double down on in-house foundries, a massively capex intensive segment that is winner-takes-all, and such winner being TSMC for now. It also takes decades to build and have a foundry operational. All this while INTC struggles to even fulfill ETAs on products because of in-house production issues

EDIT: INTC not INTL is the ticker, I messed up


u/drawkbox Jan 13 '23


INTC, get ya symbols right when turfing son.


u/twat_muncher Jan 13 '23

Why not just add one letter to spell the whole word Intel? We aren't on WSB


u/drawkbox Jan 13 '23

INTC is the ticker symbol. INTL was the one they thought was the ticker symbol. Though yeah, could just write it out but if you are talking about stocks makes sense. Intel also can get confused with intel (data).