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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/[deleted] Jan 13 '23



u/Crotean Jan 13 '23

Honestly for as much damn money as Apple makes thats actually not that egregious compared to a lot of CEOs who are making that as their corporations go bankrupt. Still an obscene amount of money.


u/abandon__ship Jan 13 '23

Yeah from an operational standpoint it’s also pretty insane what he has lead them through. Beef with trump, trade wars with China that trump started, COVID AND he still managed to get iphones in stores with upgrades. Plenty of other supply chains fell apart but Apple held even with production in China


u/AnEngimaneer Jan 13 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

Dude is a supply chain god tbh


u/Lord_Abort Jan 13 '23

Seems to be the most important facet to a company these days. Thanks to the internet, you could be selling literal shit, and somebody would want it, but they want it now.


u/rayinreverse Jan 14 '23

I work for a company struggling with logistics. We are a Japanese company. It is so impactful it’s hard to explain.


u/darthjoey91 Jan 13 '23

Cards Against Humanity sold poop one year.


u/realmastodon2 Jan 13 '23

Market your products to be luxury items and only carry a finite amount in storage. You can command whatever price you deem. Pretty smart move on Apple.


u/SolomonBlack Jan 14 '23

Manure makes excellent fertilizer but I need to spread it by Friday so you need it here on Tuesday.


u/bruwin Jan 14 '23

As proven by the Cards Against Humanity people a few years ago when they sold literal shit.


u/ehxy Jan 13 '23

it's apple, they could sell apple toilet paper and people would buy it just so they can say they wipe their ass on apple


u/BellowingBillie Jan 13 '23

$100 for 2 pack with proprietary ply


u/molrobocop Jan 13 '23

$100 for 2 pack with proprietary ply

The role would be a special size that wouldn't fit on standard dispensers.


u/Towaum Jan 13 '23

Held only using the MagSafe roll holder


u/BellowingBillie Jan 13 '23

At checkout they will recommend Apple dispenser and offer bidet as attachment thanks to some wizardry


u/ClankyBat246 Jan 13 '23

I recall a few bands that would sell pro-band merch inside the event and have vans and pop up stands sell anti-band merch outside the event.

People who hate things love to give their money away to show how much they hate a thing. May as well profit.


u/JerryMau5 Jan 13 '23

Having owned both android and Apple products, I can says that Apples mobile products feel better, last longer, and has everything I need. There’s no reason to buy them new. Buy them one year old and you can find plenty that are in mint condition and 20%-30% off.


u/ehxy Jan 13 '23

That's great. I've had my pixel 2 for 5yrs and it works great and have had no problems. I also have a iphone 14 and I can't stand it.


u/joshbadams Jan 14 '23

That’s great. I have a Corvette and a Kia minivan, and they both get driven, just depends on the day/use case.

They are all just tools to get a job done.


u/ehxy Jan 14 '23

exactly, iphone for the walled garden despite the shit apps it still lets through on its store making a cut off the scam apps too(fucking funny)

iphones are easier to manage that's for sure from an IT stand point so I get that and can live with it


u/JerryMau5 Jan 14 '23

It’s almost as if people have different tastes and we shouldn’t shit on others that don’t feel the same way.


u/Dsnake1 Jan 13 '23

The Apple Broach


u/realmastodon2 Jan 13 '23

That was his whole job before becoming CEO. He joined Apple when Steve Jobs came back to Apple and the company was doing terrible. They had a lot of warehouses, inventory and whole range of problems. He basically leaned out Apple and only kept two weeks worth of inventory for all Apple products. Closed and consolidated warehouses they owned. This was before the iPod.


u/bawse1 Jan 13 '23

Yeah given that was his role before Steve Jobs passed he better be


u/dyanamo Jan 14 '23

I need his help on Anno ATM


u/abandon__ship Jan 14 '23

Literally will be studied for a long time. HBS case and economist article and all


u/Fatvod Jan 14 '23

I'm not sure having your balls in a vice with China makes him a God but maybe you are right