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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/SweatyAdhesive Jan 13 '23

CEO of PG&E is making 50m in comp while raising prices on everyone lol


u/ParlorSoldier Jan 13 '23

Gotta love those “we’re burying utility lines out of the goodness of our hearts to save you money, and definitely not because we killed people and paid billions in fines” commercials.


u/JustYourNeighbor Jan 14 '23

Fuck fines. A hunter starts a signal fire after he got lost (that rampaged out of control and people died) arrested and he went on trial with the possibility of the death sentence. PG & E starts a fire ((that rampaged out of control and people died) and nobody missed an episode of GoT.


u/boosted5O Jan 14 '23

That pg&e commercial is bad, I have to mute it or change the channel


u/FjorgVanDerPlorg Jan 14 '23

Activision/Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick is gonna see a billion dollar payday, when the ActiBlizz board finally turfs his sex predator shielding ass.

The guy's wikipedia page reads like a wannabe James Bond villain.


u/boosted5O Jan 14 '23

Bobby’s gonna get a bigger boat when he gets his big undeserving payday


u/cmdrDROC Jan 14 '23

Laughing in Canadian grocery store CEOs