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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/SLAV33 Jan 13 '23

If this happened instead of them laying off 100's or 1000's of employees good on him and Apple.


u/norcaltobos Jan 13 '23

Apple hasn't really slowed up much on hiring. I support them as a recruiter and of all of the large tech companies, their hiring has slowed down the least.


u/squidonthebass Jan 13 '23

Anecdotal, but my brother-in-law who works for them said they go out of their way to hire when the job market is like this, it's a good opportunity to hire solid developers who got laid off without needing to pay extra buckets of cash to poach them from another tech giant.


u/norcaltobos Jan 14 '23

It's an excellent time to hire if you are a financially stable company in any industry right now. This is the time to get the best talent and the best companies do exactly that.


u/kiteguycan Jan 14 '23

You must be thinking tech. Blue collar and blue collar related industries are screaming for people.


u/norcaltobos Jan 14 '23

That's always been the case. There are almost always general labor opportunities.


u/dadvader Jan 14 '23

It's weird that generally, white collar work should be paid less than the blue one. But for some reason it is the other way around (unless specialized one ofcourse.) And I don't quiet understand it lol


u/tigersareyellow Jan 14 '23

Why do you think white collar work should be paid less than blue collar? That's an odd take I don't think I've ever heard before.


u/dkarpe Jan 14 '23

White collar can refer both to highly skilled, specialized fields (such as many tech jobs) and low-skilled clerical/office work. Most of the latter has been automated away, leaving only the higher paid jobs, hence white collar jobs paying more


u/norcaltobos Jan 14 '23

It's a lot more complex than that. I can tell you the roles I recruit for require tons of training and experience. You can't just pick it up in a day or hell, even a year. It takes time to master the craft.


u/kiteguycan Jan 14 '23

I don't mean general labour. I mean mining, construction, energy, etc. Both the white collar and blue collar roles within them. I just said blue collar so people didn't think tech.