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Apple CEO Tim Cook to take more than 40% pay cut Business


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u/deloreanipsum Jan 14 '23 edited Jan 14 '23

He could take a 99% pay cut and still make more than me.

EDIT: He could take a 99.9% pay cut and still make more than me. Sad day.

EDIT: Crazy how many people support such gross wealth inequality. The sad truth is no one becomes a multi-millionaire without exploiting people. It was not “earned” honestly.


u/PurpleContribution98 Jan 14 '23

He could take a 100% pay cut and still not have to worry about a lack of money


u/Complete_Fill1413 Jan 14 '23

Yeah. Most of his income isn't from wages anyways


u/TacoThrash3r Jan 14 '23

Aren't we supposed to love our jobs regardless of pay?


u/Lemme_eat_your_pvssy Jan 14 '23 edited Jan 14 '23

Yeah, in a fantasy world that seldom happens in reality. 90% of the workforce hate their jobs, but do it anyway to avoid being homeless and hungry (I got tired of that bullshit and just chose homeless and hungry until I got permanent welfare, otherwise known as disability/retirement since I guess the gov't figures one would have to be mentally disabled to choose being homeless).


u/hellopomelo Jan 14 '23

we have to take this comment train to >100 percentages