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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/Rolandersec Feb 03 '23

Not only did it get published. Maybe by accident, but I still wonder, why was it in English if none of those countries speak English?


u/ddhboy Feb 03 '23

I mean, no one region locks languages. Netflix probably has a core set of languages that all copy gets translated to regardless of the market it's for.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

That’s not really a red flag. I work in tech. Text is typically ran through a translation service and all translations are stored. These texts are referenced by some key.

When the code checks your language preference, it retrieves the text for that element using the key, and returns back the text translated for your language preference.

Text is generated for all supported languages generally.


u/Rolandersec Feb 03 '23

Your assuming they are that organized to be actually using a translation service.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Well, typically it’s done automatically during a pull request (code review). For example, at my job, whenever I make a pull request, the bot will automatically say something like, “I see you made changes to the text file. Comment X to request translations.”

And the pull request will NOT be able to get merged into prod unless the translation bot commits all the translations and approves.

I know you people would like to shit on Netflix - but that doesn’t meant they have incompetent engineers who’s not know how to use CICD or pipelines

Just because management can be incompetent doesn’t mean the engineers are.


u/radiokungfu Feb 03 '23

Because you're on an english site when you go to netflix.com unless you specify. Their articles are auto transcribed. It being in English isnt thr catch people seem to think it is. And working for their CS previously, ive seen support articles popup accidentally for issues that are fixed. Ive seen the vat article popup in nonvat locations. This could be them testing the waters(which theyre already doing in south america) or this could be an accident.

The fact that it was implemented in SA in the first place means everywhere's gonna get it at some point tho.


u/hateitorleaveit Feb 03 '23

Because you are looking at the page on a .com with ip address in North America and not a .pe