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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/SloppyMeathole Feb 03 '23

For anyone wondering, this is called a "trial balloon". This is what happens when it doesn't go well. They can just claim it was an accident and never meant to leak it. If the perception had been positive they would have just left it out there.


u/per08 Feb 03 '23

How could the perception of this move be considered to be positive by anyone? Oh Netflix is about to charge me more for the same thing, hooray! (?)


u/duuudewhat Feb 03 '23

Yeah there’s no way to spin this as anything but anti consumer. Who the fuck pays for Netflix and says “awesome. Less options!”


u/neon_overload Feb 04 '23

"So I can get 4 people watching at once on different screens?"

Netflix: "Yep"

"And the screens can be anywhere?"

Netflix: "Absolutely. Even mobile! We have an app."

"You got yourself a deal sir"

[5 years later]

Netflix: "Hey, about that conversation..."


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

It spins quite well when people get outraged, claim to be canceling their account, but then still have Netflix 2 years later because said company retracted an accidental statement.


u/teleprint-me Feb 03 '23

Surprisingly, lots of people. There's such a thing as Choice Paralysis


u/flyingace1234 Feb 03 '23

Yes but the thing is they are actively making the experience worse. This was not a simplification of the service. If anything it’s a complication for the many customers who would’ve run afoul of the “31 day login” thing.