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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/wtfTooma Feb 03 '23

It's only an accident once they saw how many people cancelled their subscription


u/FailsAtSuccess Feb 03 '23

Yep, because why was it in English for Spanish speaking countries?


u/JackSpyder Feb 03 '23

In fairness all of Spain is using just 3 Netflix accounts.


u/TheFriendlyArtificer Feb 03 '23

They love Basqueing in their thrift.


u/TheTinRam Feb 03 '23

This guy spits barça truth


u/UncomplementedGains Feb 03 '23

This is underrated af, great job!


u/joey0live Feb 03 '23

Same for other countries. I've read some comments, how they give their whole neighborhood their credentials... these are the aholes that is ruining for the rest of us.


u/JackSpyder Feb 03 '23

Right. I might be sharing mine but it's to my 3 siblings who are twin boys at 12 and my sister aged 15.

Doesn't feel like I'm abusing it paying for thr highest tier package.


u/joey0live Feb 03 '23

I defiantly agree with you. I share mine with my sis and parents. Anyone else who wants it, I tell them to buy it.


u/sryan2k1 Feb 03 '23

Because it's a US based company so all policy, documentation, etc gets generated here and then is translated to the target regions.


u/kx2UPP Feb 03 '23

Nice try NetflixTM


u/Pod_Racing_64 Feb 03 '23

That’s NetflixTM USA Division to you!


u/CamaroLS1 Feb 03 '23

Typically these types of articles are written in English and translated as needed. Edit: Also English is often provided globally due to such high usage.


u/InoUareBUTwtAMi Feb 03 '23

Fun fact, only 6% of the world are native English speakers, and roughly 75% of the world doesn't speak English at all.


u/BalmyCar46 Feb 03 '23

15-20% of the world speaking English is quite a lot, compared to any other language.


u/InoUareBUTwtAMi Feb 03 '23

Agreed, it's got the highest number of people that speak it. That just doesn't amount to a majority of the world population. Which is a easily verifiable fact, and why I commented as a "fun fact" and not a rebuttal to the point.

I love when reddit downvotes chit like this


u/dungone Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Are we still talking about whether or not Netflix posted it in English on purpose? Because 85% of their users not understanding it doesn’t sound like “on purpose” to me.

Edit: I love the butthurt energy of the downvotes.