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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/SloppyMeathole Feb 03 '23

For anyone wondering, this is called a "trial balloon". This is what happens when it doesn't go well. They can just claim it was an accident and never meant to leak it. If the perception had been positive they would have just left it out there.


u/redvelvetcake42 Feb 03 '23

Less a look for positivity and more to see how angry the reaction would be. It was angry as hell and Netflix is making a mistake going into this year when they don't have anything not called Stranger things to get eyes. HBO, Amazon, hell even Apple TV have shows to watch right now or coming out that will at minimum grab eyes. Netflix is so desperate to just force a user increase that it will long term lose them. Businessmen are so very dumb when it comes to how to react.


u/demonicneon Feb 03 '23

Last years emmys, Netflix STACKED the drama nominations. Better call saul, ozark, squid game, stranger things. 4/8 nominations. No win.

They only took 3 awards at an award show where they were heavily nominated, and this year they don’t even have any contenders imo. Everyone else does.


u/InvisibleEar Feb 03 '23

Better Call Saul is AMC


u/demonicneon Feb 03 '23

I’m not in the states, so it’s always appeared to be Netflix for me! Thanks. 3/8 still stacked in one nom category.


u/02Alien Feb 04 '23

Streamers will sometimes pick up distribution rights for a series (globally or only in certain countries) which will let them market it as an original.


u/tehmuck Feb 04 '23

"How we make line go up?"

"We make people mad. Line go up fast."

"But what happen later?"

"Line go down, but we not here any more. That other C-level problem."


u/gostesven Feb 03 '23

wednesday was a huge recent hit, otherwise i agree


u/bdone2012 Feb 03 '23

I liked the recruit recently too. But apparently other people didn’t really care for it. I thought it was gonna be a smash hit. Pretty light spy show. But yeah other than the occasional good anime show Netflix rarely has anything come out that I’m particularly excited about


u/mlmayo Feb 04 '23

Netflix should stop canceling popular shows then. They deserve whatever fate awaits.