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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/kirlie Feb 03 '23

My partner and I we talking about this when I first heard about it. We can't figure out how it would work even just for our household. If we are only allowed one home location, what happens when we watch Netflix at work during breaks? We can't reasonably bring the breakroom TV home to connect to our WiFi. What about if we're on vacation for longer than a week? This plan doesn't seem very well thought out.


u/Nya7 Feb 03 '23

I mean this is how hulu liveTV already works. Yes, it’s a horrible service


u/TheWarriorsLLC Feb 03 '23

Yea, thats liveTV... not on demand content.


u/BigEarl139 Feb 04 '23

Except it works that way for their on demand content if you have liveTV. It’s exactly what Netflix was trying to implement here for about $90 a month at this point. Can only change home locations 3 times on the account permanently.