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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/wtfTooma Feb 03 '23

It's only an accident once they saw how many people cancelled their subscription


u/YoYoMoMa Feb 03 '23

Qwikster 2.0


u/watchingsongsDL Feb 03 '23

Exactly this. Make a bold ass announcement about changing everything, watch shit explode for 48 hours, then fire up the rollback plan and start the apology machine. Netflix knew this could happen but they got valuable info about their base.


u/PyroDesu Feb 04 '23

Looks at Wizards of the Coast

Gotta make sure you do your about-face quickly enough.


u/h3lblad3 Feb 04 '23

I honestly doubt that the players playing D&D will leave in any serious way. It's a hell of a hit to lose the subscriptions right now, but I bet most (if not all) of them will be back.

I personally believe the vast bulk of them won't commit to a new game and will be back before too long.


u/steadytheboat Feb 04 '23

I think they'll get a portion back and only because they backed off. Many people are still hesitant to resub on ddb or give wotc and more money before seeing some good faith


u/Soerinth Feb 04 '23

I'm only one person, but I bought every 5e book they came out with. I will never knowingly support WoTC. There are so many other, and in some ways better systems out there. My group will just have to learn new rules. Fuck WoTC.


u/Xithara Feb 04 '23

The massive uptick in people joining the pf2e subreddit seems to say otherwise? I don't recall actual numbers, but it was like 10 times their normal subs for a few days.


u/mia_elora Feb 04 '23

Some, yes, but there's a lot of resentment. The company only bent when they realized that they couldn't lie, gaslight, bully, or force their way. They thought they had a lock on D&D, when -in reality- they only own some very specific assets.


u/Lynx3145 Feb 04 '23

Just like what's been happening with dungeons and dragons.


u/chubbysumo Feb 04 '23

Netflix knew this could happen but they got valuable info about their base.

and they got free advertisement. lots of it.


u/Stoogefrenzy3k Feb 03 '23

I forgot all about that.. Thanks for the reminder. And I have stopped subscribing over a year ago since they last want to jump $2. I've had it, especially when they cancelled their series with no proper ending to their shows.