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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/halcyondread Feb 03 '23

Fuck them. My sub's already canceled, and it's staying that way.


u/Fealieu Feb 04 '23

Same for me.


u/maxpenny42 Feb 04 '23

Yeah my brothers and I share an account. It’s one of the more premium options so we get enough screens. I already decided to cancel when they made the announcement. My brothers daughter has a favorite show on Netflix so he will keep the account but downgrade since he won’t need as many screens.

Netflix had us for over a decade sharing. Now they’ll probably get less money per month because they couldn’t leave well enough alone. I used to prepay for a year of Netflix as a Christmas gift. They got my money upfront. Last year was the first time I didn’t because I heard the rumors of them cracking down.

They may think they can just say “oops sorry” when they float these anti consumer policies and it isn’t popular but they’ve broken my trust. Be better if you ever want me to send them money again.


u/handsomesquidward90 Feb 05 '23

They are only saying oops sorry to the American market. LATAM is fucked and they aren’t going back on it. That’s goodbye from me.


u/Susperry Feb 04 '23

The day they started talking about this, I cancelled and got a vpn subscription for the same money. To the DAY.


u/AndysBrotherDan Feb 04 '23

People are fed up, and corporations need to stop gouging for their own sake at this point. The disconnect is just huge.


u/Bodmonriddlz Feb 04 '23

Hell yeah bro very courageous and bold. Way to show them!!


u/halcyondread Feb 04 '23

It may be an incredulous idea to you, but speaking with your money is the only thing these huge corporations understand. Or you can be a sarcastic putz on the Internet and not add any constructive ideas to the conversation. Whatever works for you


u/Bodmonriddlz Feb 04 '23

the irony of you thinking you’re sticking it to the man for cancelling a streaming service while posting on another big corporate website is comical. Take yourself less seriously


u/halcyondread Feb 04 '23

Who said anyone was “Sticking it to the man”? We’re talking about canceling a streaming service because of their practices concerning their service. I also didn’t realize people were paying a subscription fee to Reddit.


u/Bodmonriddlz Feb 04 '23

So much displaced anger in your heart


u/halcyondread Feb 04 '23

Lol okay, buddy. Have fun trolling elsewhere.


u/StonerMetalhead710 Feb 04 '23

I only have it because it came with my 2 year phone upgrade


u/oriaven Feb 04 '23

How is Netflix not allowing people to mooch on another's' account controversial?


u/halcyondread Feb 05 '23

People have been paying for multiple screens, now those screens can only be in the same house. It’s also going to be inconvenient for people who travel a lot for work. They’re trying to get rid of “mooching” while screwing over tons of paying customers.