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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/tomistruth Feb 03 '23

Same here. I wanted to financially support Netflix's good business decisions by subscribing to their free tier, the Pirate Plan.


u/AlphaSquad1 Feb 03 '23

Ahoy matey 🏴‍☠️


u/AppleBytes Feb 03 '23

Do what you want cause a pirate is free!!


u/Aedan2016 Feb 03 '23

I’m working on getting a plex server going. I’m tired of being gouged


u/ShadowBannedAugustus Feb 03 '23

Sonarr + Jellyfin my fellow sailor.


u/tomistruth Feb 03 '23

Sonarr + Jellyfin

Does sonarr supports vpn download? I am still not sure how much it differs from apps like Popcorn that auto download torrents.

How is jellyfin compared to plex? Is it more lightweight? Does it support mobile devices?


u/travistravis Feb 03 '23

Jellyfin is opensource I believe. Not as polished as plex, but I prefer it. Sonarr - I don't think I've seen vpn options, but it has the benefit of being able to use nzbs in addition to torrents--you can add multiple sources and multiple downloaders.


u/snuff3r Feb 04 '23

Sonarr is just the search and scheduling tool. You want to connect it into sabnzbd which will do the downloading - and yes, it will connect to pretty much anything..


u/OptimalMain Feb 03 '23

You can find premade docker containers with arr suite + jellyfin or Plex. Most of them use gluetun to only download through VPN. I have a setup ready, just need some dedicated drives


u/csanner Feb 04 '23

Well sonarr & jellyfin to you too, sir!


u/julbull73 Feb 04 '23

Plex is pretty awesome...but I bought lifetime membership for like 70 bucks..


u/RedSquirrelFtw Feb 04 '23

TBH I never left that plan, I just find it more convenient. I can get an actual video file, that I can play on any device or OS, don't have to rely on internet to be working to watch and no DRM or any of that BS either. I would seriously pay a small monthly fee if there was an official and legal torrent site where the money goes towards the producers of films, music etc.


u/dungone Feb 04 '23

I bet that, secretly, you have a Comcast subscription and you hate yourself on a very deep and profound level.


u/sir_ramen Feb 04 '23

My uncle let me on his account, and I still download just so I don't have to watch an entire movie at 720p or whatever it is.


u/takimbe Feb 04 '23

sail those high seas!


u/nrq Feb 04 '23

Is that that the plan that shows "Our flag means death"? Is that even on Netflix? Honestly, I have no idea...