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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/Wildcard36qs Feb 03 '23

This is what baffles me. I'm paying for 4 streams, who cares where they are used?


u/GeT_Tilted Feb 03 '23

They care about growth. They know that their sub numbers will reach a hard limit soon. So they bet on people using other's account may convert into a paying sub when the restrictions go live. They did not expect the public to call for cancellations or piracy so they changed course to appear better in the public's eye.


u/RubberReptile Feb 03 '23

Anecdotally, my family shares a Netflix account, and the second that it stops working for my siblings we're cancelling it. Can't be the only ones who feel this way. We've paid for the service for nearly a decade, now.


u/sarcasatirony Feb 03 '23

Have kids in college and we share 4 streams. Discussed last night that we’re not paying more for the exact service for which we signed and would cancel. Obviously Netflix was listening through the mics on our phones and reacted with this story.

Coincidentally, there’s a new over the counter drug for my ED and I can renew my car’s warranty so I’d call today a win.


u/NHRADeuce Feb 03 '23

Same here. One kid in college and another about to be. I upgrade to 4 streams specifically to get 4 streams. The minute anyone kne of us is blocked, we're canceling.


u/bdone2012 Feb 03 '23

I think Netflix is worth at most 12 bucks a month per household. I’d still cancel personally unless it was maybe 10 bucks a month. If they had wanted to go through with this new plan they would have needed to drop the cost a very significant amount.

I don’t see how they assumed that people would just be cool with the cost more than doubling. It’s laughable. I think most people pay for Netflix and then they share with someone who has hbo max, hulu or Disney. That way you have access to all of them. It’s not worth it otherwise.


u/Abadayos Feb 04 '23

That’s what we do. We have Netflix and do two and my in-laws have a few of the other subs and we just give the other access so we all have all we want. It works out well and the moment it stops working, the offenders with be purged and we will just carry on without or setting sail for the high seas me hearties


u/TwanToni Feb 03 '23

only delaying the inevitable


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

On his ED? Let the guy enjoy it for a while FFS



u/TwanToni Feb 03 '23

lmao I completely missed that part... I would say it's a win for ya man along with his warranty lol


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

Ride on OP, ride on


u/Icy-End8895 Feb 04 '23

Coulda swore mankind was about to get thrown through the hell in a cell


u/mekkab Feb 04 '23

I don’t even watch wrestling and I was ready to plunge Netflix through an announcer’s table


u/Devium92 Feb 04 '23

I share the account with my parents who often have my young kids for visits. It's easier to share the password so there is continuity of episodes and stuff between houses instead of constantly restarting series for the kids and hunting down episodes based off the description from the 7 year old compared to the actual synopsis of the episode/title of the episode.

We also watch Netflix in a variety of locations within our household, 2 phones, a tablet, 2 computers, Fire Stick, technically we have it on the video game consoles etc. I think we pay for the 4 streams package, but with the news of getting rid of account sharing we are planning on doing away with Netflix, and potentially other streaming services as well.


u/Zinraa Feb 04 '23

Actually was on the phone with Netflix 2 weeks ago because my account was hacked by someone in Russia. While recovering my account ( that ended up getting cancelled and remade...enraging, but a story for another thread), they noticed that my account was being used outside my house. I told them that yes, it was. I have children that live in other parts of the country that use it plus a business i use it in. They tried telling me that was not allowed so I informed them that I pay my $20 a month for my 4 streams and as such how I use those streams that I pay for is none of their damn business and if they have a problem with that, they can go ahead and just cancel everything and lose a day 1 client. Needless to say, that conversation changed rather quickly.


u/JSuma Feb 04 '23

whats the otc drug called?


u/SodOffWithASawedOff Feb 04 '23

The best thing that has worked for me was Yurmombent OTC


u/El_Grande_El Feb 04 '23

What’s this new drug called?


u/zeugma25 Feb 04 '23

a new over the counter drug for my ED and I can renew my car’s warranty

Your warranty provider has some very specific requirements.