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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/FullofContradictions Feb 03 '23

Yep. I'm only paying $20+/month for 4 streams because I'm sharing it with my parents and my two nephews. Take that away and I'm going to subscribe for a month at a time to binge popular shows before canceling again just like I do with HBO and Hulu. Basically the only service I keep full time is Prime but that's just for the shipping.


u/DemonOHeck Feb 03 '23

Did you notice the exception? It was the company that offered other services than just shitty streaming. Prime also figured out how to avoid the account sharing already. Just directly link your prime video account to the amazon shopping account as far as billing goes and poof! Nobody wants to share the right to order crap off amazon off of their dime with anyone else.


u/MillianaT Feb 03 '23

Yeah, and if you do share it with your college student (Amazon household), they only have to be in the same country, not the same physical building.


u/bdone2012 Feb 03 '23

Apple TV is basically the same. People don’t want to share their apple accounts.


u/Netlawyer Feb 04 '23

But Apple includes Apple TV as part of Family Sharing - along with Apple Music, Apps etc.

Assume you haven’t looked into Apple Family Sharing.


u/FullofContradictions Feb 05 '23

My friend shared her apple tv with me. She just logged me in though, so I don't have her PW or anything.


u/Netlawyer Feb 04 '23

Yeah - I have my mom’s kindle on my account, but I really don’t need her to be able to see my Amazon order history. She has her own Amazon account for shopping.


u/DemonOHeck Feb 04 '23

Imagine if a Kindle could access amazon.com for shopping directly. Would that kindle still be there on your account? I know u said your mom, so she might be trustworthy enough anyway but anyone outside direct family members? And yeah, even your mom really doesn't need to see/shouldn't see everything you buy.


u/Netlawyer Feb 04 '23

Yeah, if my mom could order from Amazon.com off off her Kindle or see my shopping history rather than just having access to our shared Kindle library, she would definitely need to use her own account.