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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/LastOfAutumn Feb 03 '23

"For a brief time yesterday, a help center article containing information that is only applicable to Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru, went live in other countries," a Netflix spokesperson told the publication. "We have since updated it."

Only for them, in English, in 3 Spanish-speaking countries? Right.

Netflix, I pay for access for X amount of people. Their location doesn't matter. If you prevent them from accessing their paid access just because they don't live with me, I will drop Netflix in a second.


u/Jefe4fingers Feb 03 '23

This is the crux of the biscuit. I pay for the four screens so my kids can watch wherever they are. If my daughter will have to come home from college once a month just to hook up to Netflix on my network I will just cancel. Prime, Paramount, Peacock and Pluto TV have more than I could watch. And a hell of a lot more that I actually want to watch. It is rare anymore that I find myself even watching Netflix.