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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/r3dk0w Feb 03 '23 All-Seeing Upvote

They already sell in streams, where the normal package gets 2 streams and the premium package gets 4 streams.

Why do they care that 2 streams are used when that's what the package allows?

If they don't want password sharing, then limit the lower-end package to 1 stream. Then it doesn't matter how much password sharing is going on.


u/victorescu Feb 03 '23

Exactly and don't couple higher # of streams to 4k. I like 4k, i pay for 4k, i get more streams so I share those streams with family. If i can't share it with family then it isn't worth that insane amount. Then you need to give me a 4k tier with fewer streams.


u/celestrial1 Feb 04 '23

100% this!! This is exactly why I cancelled.


u/cynric42 Feb 04 '23

I’d love a lower priced 4K option, but my guess is it wouldn’t be a lot cheaper. They probably set the current price assuming most people won’t use those 4 streams. Yeah, there might be the rare occasion where the parents, both kids and grandma all watch Netflix at the same time, so putting 4 streams in the offer provides those customers with the knowledge they’ll never have to juggle who can watch, but realistically they will maybe use 2 streams regularly and most customers will only ever use 1.

That is just how businesses calculate.


u/IsildursBane20 Feb 04 '23

Their 4k sucks ass