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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/Wildcard36qs Feb 03 '23

This is what baffles me. I'm paying for 4 streams, who cares where they are used?


u/GeT_Tilted Feb 03 '23

They care about growth. They know that their sub numbers will reach a hard limit soon. So they bet on people using other's account may convert into a paying sub when the restrictions go live. They did not expect the public to call for cancellations or piracy so they changed course to appear better in the public's eye.


u/RubberReptile Feb 03 '23

Anecdotally, my family shares a Netflix account, and the second that it stops working for my siblings we're cancelling it. Can't be the only ones who feel this way. We've paid for the service for nearly a decade, now.


u/canrat Feb 03 '23

Agreed! Netflix already has to compete with 10+other streaming services (depending on which market). If all of them let me password share and Netflix doesn’t, why bother keeping Netflix?


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

The only thing saving them is their occasional original productions that hit squid game etc


u/Odd_Conversation1295 Feb 03 '23

It really doesn't anymore though. I, and many others, are tired of them canceling shows that we like. Personally, I know quite a few people that refuse to watch Netflix originals until they have a few seasons finished.

Netflix just hates their customers. I don't even share my account with anybody but I canceled my subscription due to their recent "accidental" announcement. I'll probably renew my Netflix account but I'll only have it active for 1 month a year now.

I'm sick of their shit and I refuse to have an active subscription with them year round anymore like I have had pretty much since their inception.


u/sushisection Feb 03 '23

wasting their money on all of those show productions also ironically tanked their company. made them hurt for cash, resulting in what we are seeing now.