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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/antonspohn Feb 03 '23

HBO. They're desperate to ruin their image & run the company into the ground. The merger between Discovery & HBO was a craven cash grab.


u/dratseb Feb 03 '23

It’s different because Discovery is killing HBO on purpose. Netflix is doing this because they’re incompetent.


u/lanekimrygalski Feb 03 '23

Deciding to kill a premium brand associated with high quality content like HBO, in favor of the Discovery brand, seems pretty incompetent to me


u/dratseb Feb 03 '23

It’d be like a winery converting to a beer factory to save money while expecting people that like wine to continue buying from them. Discovery and HBO are fundamentally different services catering to different people. Wine connoisseurs aren’t going to suddenly decide they like beer.