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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/wtfTooma Feb 03 '23

It's only an accident once they saw how many people cancelled their subscription


u/themindisall1113 Feb 03 '23

i was legit JUST about to text my family and tell them i was canceling


u/NoSaltNoSkillz Feb 03 '23

Already texted mine. When these changes go live and start charging, going to cancel until its revoked or until a series I want gets completed and cancelled and then ill buy a month.

I buy 4 screens, give me 4 screens. Double dipping b*st*rds


u/11B4OF7 Feb 03 '23

I’d prefer 1 screen and still have the option to stream 4k but Netflix only offers standard definition on 1 screen lol


u/PopCultureWeekly Feb 03 '23

Yeah who tf streams in SD. It should be illegal


u/Decent-Letterhead663 Feb 04 '23

I watch almost everything in 240 or 360 to save on data


u/WhiteHawk93 Feb 04 '23

Isn’t it at least HD 1080p on 1 screen? If not that’s absolutely awful.


u/11B4OF7 Feb 04 '23

720p currently last year it was 480p or something like that.



u/cozmoAI Feb 04 '23

480p in 2021 wut?? I would see blur even on iPhone mini screen


u/Dick_Lazer Feb 04 '23

Standard is $15.49 in HD, Basic is $10 in 720p (Basic w/ads is $7). Premium 4k is $20 a month now. Costs more than HBOMAX at $16 for 4k + no ads. Not to mention you can also get HBOMAX down to $12.50 with the yearly plan.


u/bdone2012 Feb 03 '23

They already had asshole pricing in that way. I think for a lot of people adding more asshole pricing was the last straw. Plus most people I know consider Netflix worth it because they share the account with their families or friends.

At least with the people I know, best case scenario is they’d come out with the same amount of subscriptions as they started with but in all likelihood they’d lose subscribers within the people I know. Obviously it’s a small sample but if that’s how most people use netflix it wouldn’t be worth it.


u/11B4OF7 Feb 03 '23

If they offered 1 screen 4k for 9.99 they would probably eliminate most of the sharing problem. Forcing people onto 4 screens for 4k has me sharing with friends cause I’m forced to have way more screens than I need.