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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/Ok_Dog_4059 Feb 03 '23

How about half of the population of the planet at 8 billion people and it is 1 penny a month so it isn't even worth logging in to cancel.


u/SubstituteCS Feb 03 '23

1 cent is a lot of money for some people. At four billion, you’d have to have some of those people.


u/Ok_Dog_4059 Feb 03 '23

Even once though. Imagine if you could get a penny on average from 4 billion people it wouldn't even have to be monthly to make a huge difference.


u/NotRoryWilliams Feb 04 '23

It would be a tremendous achievement to get a billion people to pay attention to you at a low enough cost that a penny each was profitable.


u/Anonymous7056 Feb 04 '23

Every little bit helps.


u/AzraelTB Feb 04 '23

If 1 cent is a lot of money they shouldnt be subbing to it to begin with lmao


u/Daos_Ex Feb 04 '23

Yes. That’s their entire point. They’re saying getting 4 billion people to subscribe to anything, even at one penny, is potentially impossible, but at least very difficult.


u/DannyGarden Feb 04 '23

Why do you want to owe paypall billions of dollars?


u/mrslother Feb 04 '23

This kid's going places.


u/wasabipotaytoh Feb 04 '23

Oh, you mean Apple’s $0.99 monthly storage fee? Fucking bullshit you can’t even argue with it


u/Netlawyer Feb 04 '23

But you aren’t wrong - hey, it’s a dollar, man. Don’t you want all your photos and shit backed up?

Yes, Tim Apple, I would like to have my shit backed up automatically into the cloud can you provide a service that would do that?

No problem, how much secure storage do you need? Let me know and I can offer that - you want 200 GB, well that will be $2.99 a month.

$2.99? That’s $36 a year FOR 200GB - outrageous - obviously Tim Apple is off the reservation at this point. /s

$3 a month for 200G is literally a loss leader for Apple at this point. ✊


u/therealdeathangel22 Feb 04 '23

Could you explain loss leader for me? I swear I used to know what this was but I now think I may be wrong.....I thought it was a product that you sold at a loss but it gets people in the doors to buy other things?


u/chubbsazn Feb 04 '23

That's correct


u/Netlawyer Feb 04 '23

That’s how I meant it - by keeping storage at such a low price, it keeps people on the Apple ecosystem so they use other services that Apple offers.


u/AzraelTB Feb 04 '23

Apples bullshit* move to a new os you'll be fine.