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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23

You nailed it. I spent 35 years in it and finally just walked away before I died in some sleazy hotel far from home


u/motorblonkwakawaka Feb 03 '23

Ouch 35 years. Well, hope you've found something a little more fulfilling! I've moved on to writing fiction. Don't need to hire expensive equipment, underpay or exploit people, or get up at fucking 4 in the morning just to hear the 1st AD tell us someone fucked up and filming won't start till after lunch. Just me, Microsoft Word, and a hot coffee, spilling stories :)


u/idontsmokeheroin Feb 04 '23

I’ve worked as a background actor in Hollywood for about 20 years off and on when I can. Honestly agree with everything you guys have said. It was hell during COVID. I’m barely 40 and I’m thinking about hanging up my hat. I already work at a bar as well and I started just taking more shifts at the bar rather than trying to get to 6AM call times to be on set for 14 hours. The film industry is so goddamn exhausting.


u/[deleted] Feb 03 '23 edited Feb 03 '23

Well I got a good pension, everythings paid for so I guess it was worth it. Don’t miss the 80 hour weeks at all. There are some really good people in the biz, but some real dicks as well. Life on the road just got to be too much in my 50’s


u/DILGE Feb 05 '23

Congrats on getting out, man! Same thing for me, the road and the hours were wearing me down so so much. After 25 years as a live sound engineer, I finally was able to make the switch to IT. Now I'm 100% remote and it's glorious. No more 16+ hour days, I will never have to touch a fucking truck again, unless its moving day. To top it all off, I make almost twice as much. :)

You are totally right about there being a lot of assholes in show business. For some reason our industry attracts a higher percentage of scam artists, grifters, narcissists and sociopaths than other industries. Glad we both got out. Enjoy your new quieter life!


u/Quizzelbuck Feb 04 '23

Yeah! No ones going to stop my dream of dying in some sleazy hotel near my home!


u/Science_Matters_100 Feb 04 '23

I would read these books


u/[deleted] Feb 04 '23

There is a good one named “Below the Line”. A good and funny read that accurately describes the clown show. I know most of the people he talks about


u/Science_Matters_100 Feb 04 '23

Is the Author Steven Levine? Michael HeDera? Meredith Jordan. Hmm, help me please, seems to be a popular title