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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/GeT_Tilted Feb 03 '23

They care about growth. They know that their sub numbers will reach a hard limit soon. So they bet on people using other's account may convert into a paying sub when the restrictions go live. They did not expect the public to call for cancellations or piracy so they changed course to appear better in the public's eye.


u/TacoNomad Feb 03 '23

That means they need to find other ways to grow. Even if they do this, and somehow increase subscribers more than cancelations long term, they'll hit another wall. And then what? Pay for multiple accounts to use on multiple devices owned by the same user?

They should just work on finding other ways to grow revenue.


u/AssicusCatticus Feb 03 '23

Or, you know, not expect exponential growth and be happy with the revenue they have. The constant need for more is ridiculous and insupportable.


u/Ratso27 Feb 03 '23

I think this is the answer. Even without the competition, there are a finite number of human beings on Earth who have access to the internet, the money to pay for Netflix, and the desire to do so. At some point you have to either radically alter what you offer to get the people who are already subscribed to pay for something else/appeal to a new demographic, or you have to accept that you've got about as many customers as you're going to get and just focus on maintaining them