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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/HorseRadish98 Feb 03 '23

People have so many subscriptions now. It's not the glory days 10 years ago where we all had Netflix and forgot about it because it was only 10 bucks. Now there's a dozen subscriptions and they all want 10 dollars. You piss me off I'll just know to cancel yours.

The entire point should be to remain quiet and unseen, quietly delivering content so I don't think to cancel you


u/eliquy Feb 03 '23

My dream is to create an app with a yearly $10 subscription that a modest number of people, maybe ~40k, install and use just enough to never worry about cancelling.


u/browniebrittle44 Feb 03 '23

It’s a good idea honestly even if it’s just a dollar…that’s how Google Photos is making money…charging $2 for storage for millions all over the world


u/Good_ApoIIo Feb 03 '23

Lots of services start out that way until some suit or investor gets nosey and asks why they aren’t charging $10 instead. Then some brown noser suit in the room will jump up and ask why not $10 and cut a few features?


u/AzraelTB Feb 04 '23

Then people drop the service. It's the circle of life.