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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/Wise_Ad_4816 Feb 03 '23

I pay for the highest package and have two kids in college in different states. Netflix won't get 3 accounts out of me, they'll lose the one acct I have. They better think long and hard, because I'm just one of millions thinking the same thing. We've been customers since the DVD-by-mail days. But Netflix isn't the only game in town anymore.


u/handsomesquidward90 Feb 04 '23

Same here. Even worse, compared to their fee, you can get other services combined. They are shooting themselves on the foot .


u/AshingiiAshuaa Feb 04 '23

Hulu+Disney+ESPN for the same price as the Netflix 4k plan


u/Wise_Ad_4816 Feb 04 '23

Look, my husband is always looking for ways to trim the budget. This seems like a classic case of Fuck around and find out. 😂


u/mattinatux Feb 04 '23

Am a budget-cutting husband. Can confirm. Netflix has been gone and we are better for it!


u/PossibilityMelodic Feb 04 '23

Exact same here.


u/EXEXEN Feb 04 '23

Don’t know if you have a Roku Tv or stream stick, but it’s da bomb. Tons of free shows, channels, movies, news etc. you pay once for the device, then pick what you want to pay for ala carte or just enjoy the free stuff. Also, Amazon Prime makes it about as easy as it can be to add and drop stream services too. Netflix doesn’t seem to have any decent original programming anymore.


u/MonocledMonotremes Feb 04 '23

Yep, the only thing standing between most people and piracy is convenience.


u/pixelgeekgirl Feb 04 '23

Yup. My mobile plan doesn’t give a crap that my “family plan” reaches across multiple households, nether should Netflix. I pay for the ability to stream multiple screens, give me my screens.


u/Wise_Ad_4816 Feb 04 '23 edited Feb 04 '23

Both kids have the same cell numbers on our family plan that they've had since junior high. If our health insurance can cover them in multiple states, Netflix can fuck off if they can't figure it out. 🙄


u/NoSaltNoSkillz Feb 04 '23

Honestly yeah, I end up finding myself watching all my other services. The only thing I'm watching Netflix consistently for is for the stand-up comedian specials, but the quality there is hit or miss.


u/jessid6 Feb 04 '23

Exactly! Two kids in college and I travel for work. So I’m gonna be locked out? Assholes


u/beenthere7613 Feb 04 '23

Same! We were also a test account for streaming, for 4 screens, etc. The only reason we're still paying is for small grandchildren to watch cartoons: two households, 3 hours apart.

If they do this, we'll just purchase another Disney/Hulu for the away grandkids and cancel Netflix.


u/RevLoveJoy Feb 04 '23

Similar boat. HBO Max hit me up the other month, $50 "buy now" bargain for a year on any 4 devices. By Netflix.


u/Lucifer2695 Feb 04 '23

We have a 5 screen family account. Used by people in 3-4 different countries. This would be ridiculous.


u/Groundbreaking-Bar89 Feb 04 '23

Seriously, used Netflix since the old times, when people would say, “you rent movies by mail?”


u/Gasfires Feb 04 '23

Are you me?