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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/brooksjonx Feb 03 '23

I cancelled my subscription yesterday and when asked for feedback I said this was the main reason, you’re all welcome.


u/Wandos7 Feb 03 '23

I cancelled mine on Wednesday and said this and the lack of good content is why.


u/boogersrus Feb 03 '23

Me too. I also said they should stop starting so many shows just to cancel them anyways. Quality over quantity.


u/bostonchef72296 Feb 03 '23

I no longer start a Netflix original unless I know if it has been canceled or not.


u/robotsongs Feb 04 '23

But if nobody watches until it's seasons in, and Netflix cancels withing days if no one's watching the first season after release, how does any show survive?




u/vivaenmiriana Feb 04 '23

and dark crystal and inside job


u/Honest-Cauliflower64 Feb 04 '23

It’s for the best.


u/cynric42 Feb 04 '23

Quality over quantity.

I’m sure they would love to do that if there was a way to judge, how good (profitable) a show ends up before it is produced.

Netflix doesn’t have a bunch of established universes like Star Wars or the Marvel thingy that is almost guaranteed success. So they are throwing a lot of stuff out there and look what works.