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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/sparky8251 Feb 03 '23

Paizo also promised the license would be owned, overseen, and governed by a 3rd party entity made up of all the WotC competitors in the space so that no one company could ever pull the stunt WotC did again and one day unilaterally change the license terms to benefit them at the exclusion of everyone else.

WotC fucked up real good.


u/Yog-Sothawethome Feb 04 '23

Which makes sense since the people who founded Paizo were former WoTC employees; some of which had a hand in writing OGL 1.0. Hell, I think I read that one of their lawyers was the actual guy who wrote the original text.


u/EnsignCadie Feb 04 '23

The time of the ORC has come.