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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/themindisall1113 Feb 03 '23

i was legit JUST about to text my family and tell them i was canceling


u/NoSaltNoSkillz Feb 03 '23

Already texted mine. When these changes go live and start charging, going to cancel until its revoked or until a series I want gets completed and cancelled and then ill buy a month.

I buy 4 screens, give me 4 screens. Double dipping b*st*rds


u/Wise_Ad_4816 Feb 03 '23

I pay for the highest package and have two kids in college in different states. Netflix won't get 3 accounts out of me, they'll lose the one acct I have. They better think long and hard, because I'm just one of millions thinking the same thing. We've been customers since the DVD-by-mail days. But Netflix isn't the only game in town anymore.


u/handsomesquidward90 Feb 04 '23

Same here. Even worse, compared to their fee, you can get other services combined. They are shooting themselves on the foot .


u/AshingiiAshuaa Feb 04 '23

Hulu+Disney+ESPN for the same price as the Netflix 4k plan


u/Wise_Ad_4816 Feb 04 '23

Look, my husband is always looking for ways to trim the budget. This seems like a classic case of Fuck around and find out. 😂


u/mattinatux Feb 04 '23

Am a budget-cutting husband. Can confirm. Netflix has been gone and we are better for it!