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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/themindisall1113 Feb 03 '23

i was legit JUST about to text my family and tell them i was canceling


u/NoSaltNoSkillz Feb 03 '23

Already texted mine. When these changes go live and start charging, going to cancel until its revoked or until a series I want gets completed and cancelled and then ill buy a month.

I buy 4 screens, give me 4 screens. Double dipping b*st*rds


u/ill0gitech Feb 03 '23

I now very rarely go to the office, and I used to watch Netflix on my commute.

My kid intermittently watches on her iPad.

The notion that we have to login every 30 days or have our devices locked out and need to call support is definitely making me consider canning my service


u/Drunkenaviator Feb 04 '23

I fly airplanes for a living. I use netflix from 5-6 countries a month. Any of this shit affects how I use it, I'm cancelling.


u/AshingiiAshuaa Feb 04 '23

Which airline did you say you worked for again, Drunkenaviator?