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Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error Business


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u/waldojim42 Feb 04 '23

I would literally stop what I was doing, and walk. The moment one of them pulled that. And when the customer got upset, I would just say "that was number 3. I just got fired. Enjoy your candy bar." And fucking walk.


u/NGGJamie Feb 04 '23

I have a friend that worked for a dollar store that walked out. The entire store was him plus 3 women, and the women were all a clique. So the woman he was usually paired with would walk outside for a break and disappear for hours at a time. Manager was part of the clique so he'd get in trouble instead for complaining.

One day she went out there and left him alone for a long time. He said screw it, clocked out, went home, and left the place unattended without looking back.


u/rastilin Feb 04 '23

This is the way. There's abuse for high pay, and there's a great working environment with low pay. But if you're being abused for low pay then just walk.