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Open | Windows Computer asks for administrative permission to create/delete files on my desktop


Hello, I had this problem a few months ago and haven't really been able to find a clear fix for this so I'm hoping I can find some help on here.

I am the only user of my desktop and suddenly (and seemingly for no reason) my computer has been saying that I need to provide administrative permission to create/delete/move files on my desktop. I can't even save things like notepad files to my desktop, and when I do I get a prompt that says something like "You don't have permission to save this here, would you like to save it to the documents folder instead?". I am the only user of my computer and have always been the system administrator so I'm not sure why this would be happening. Does anybody know of a way to fix this or why it's happening? Thanks!

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Open | Malware When I hover over any .exe on my external hard drive, the file description says "Synaptics Pointing Device Driver"


Here is an image

Recently, whenever I insert my external hard drive. Everything looks normal. However every time I hover over any .exe it says that it's from synaptics pointing device driver. However, when I try to open the exe, sometimes a UAC pop up called "Synaptics.exe", I click No so that it doesn't do anything fishy. Another thing is that windows defender keeps picking up synaptics and removing it only when I plug my external hard disk. I don't use Synaptics for my laptop, I use ELAN.

Here is a picture of windows defender

Here is a picture of a hidden file that gets created whenever I open any exe

Thanks in advance.

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Open | Malware Website keeps getting infected with maleware


Earlier this year one of the websites i made for a friend got infected with malware. The site redirected to other suspicious websites if you clicked on any links. I have cleaned the site from malware a few times and made a fresh wordpress install but nothing worked. It's always coming back and the hosting provider takes down the website. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. The malware probably came on to the site as a theme I have installed wasn't up to date. I contancted the support of the theme and they said they fixed it for me. This was 2 months ago, at first everything seemed to be good but now it came back again. Do you have any suggestions on what I could try to fix this? Thanks!

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Open | Hardware PC turning on, but no display


I recently changed my PSU and ever since there is no display coming up on screen.

I've checked the monitor and it works with other devices so no issue there. I've swapped back the old PSU and the same result so not an issue with new PSU.

Everything seems to be on and working fine (fans spinning, etc) so I'm guessing the problem is the graphics card - annoyingly I don't have access to another GPU so can't confirm. Are there any troubleshooting things I can do to see if I can remedy this or is the best solution to take to a repair shop?

r/techsupport 23h ago

Open | Windows How to convert 2.38 GB PDF to a Word file ?


How do I do it for free ?

r/techsupport 5h ago

Open | Hardware my pc display goes blank when the current display is showing a black or dark picture anyone know the cause


I have just got a new graphics card (rx6600xt) but when I'm playing a game and it's night my screen would go black until I looked at a brighter thing in the game. Or if I look at a black screen on YouTube nothing happens until I full-screen it then my screen goes blank until I exit full screen please help?

r/techsupport 4h ago

Open | Hardware My CPU (i5-10600kf) reaches 90c in games but doesn't use even 80%


I noticed this earlier when using MSI Afterburner while playing Spider-Man and checked the RDR2 benchmark and the same happened there.

Case: Thermaltake 500 tg
Power Supply: Thermaltake smart 700w 80+ RGB
CPU: Core i5-10600KF 3.8GHz
CPU Fan: Arctic Alpine 12
Motherboard: Gigabyte B560M Gaming
RAM: Crucial 8gb ddr4 3200mz x2
SSD: Kingston NV1 NVMe 1TB M.2
OS: Windows 11 home
GPU: Gigabyte RTX 3060 Eagle OC 12gb

r/techsupport 2h ago

Open | Hardware PC no power, no lights


This is the 3rd time that happened already. One of the frequent power outages happened for 5 minutes and after power was back the pc wont turn on/no lights

The pc would turn on when connected to a computer shop but not in our location. I know for sure its not a PSU issue since its gold rated and we also have a surge protector and a ups on a low power gpu

Ive checked almost everything-power cable,button,ram etc. Is this an area problem with high voltage? I really need advise

r/techsupport 3h ago

Open | Phone The auto brightness won't stop even though I disabled the option


Hey all, I have a Xioami Mi9t. I recently dropped my phone and cracked it where the brightness captor is. I had the screen changed and since then the brightness of the screen won't stop changing at the slightest change in screen luminosity or outside world luminosity.

I disabled the option too so I don't really know what to do. It could be a hardware problem with the captor being broken from the fall or something weird with the new screen the tech people installed.

If you have any advice I'd appreciate it.

r/techsupport 3h ago

Open | Hardware The touchpad of my Dell's laptop not working properly, what do?


Hello, so I've bought a Dell laptop from Altex, it runned smooth for 4 months but today, the touchpad stopped working properly, as in it is working only when the laptop is tilted backwards like 30 degrees.

I've got to mention that I've used the laptop almost always on my legs and rarely on flat surfaces like a desk or something similarly.

Had to mention this in case this is a problem

Also I've noticed that the touchpad has sinked into the laptop itself, the top part is level with the laptop but the closer you get to the touchpad buttons (where you press for right click) it sinks a bit, like at most 3mm.

Any ideas?

EDIT: it's my 1st time here, so if I chose the wrong flair, please let me know

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Open | Hardware Will a 65w USB c charger work


I have a new gigabyte laptop, it comes with a 230w charger, but I am also looking into getting a USB-C charger so that I can have a small one for on the go, like in classes and stuff. Would getting a 65w charger work? I know it would be slower but would it suffice?

r/techsupport 1m ago

Open | Hardware USB C dock to HDMI?


I have a usb c docking station that I have two monitors, mouse, and keyboard plugged into. I was wondering if it it possible to get a usb c to hdmi adapter and have the displays and mouse/keyboard work (when plugged into the hdmi port in my gpu).

r/techsupport 3m ago

Open | Windows Applying Background and Effects on Google meet


Google meet says "Configure your browser for visual effects" even though I already on the use hardware acceleration when available, my google is updated. my browser is 64-bit operating system, and my browser  supports WebGL. What should I do?

r/techsupport 5m ago

Open | Hardware AMD Master Auto OC


My rig specs is:
Ryzen 7 5800x
b550m aorus pro-p
RTX 3060ti OC rev 3.0 LHR Gigabyte
32gb 3600mhz RAM

Is it safe that the "Auto OC" on Ryzen master is always ON?
I'm just playing games (esports and some AAA) and watching movies.

r/techsupport 8m ago

Open | Hardware Random Lines across monitor that go away after 5 min


Today this started where random lines were going across my screen and then disappearing after ~5 min. I checked and it’s not my GPU, cables or the pug that my monitor is plugged into. After 10-15 min no more lines show up, why?


r/techsupport 9m ago

Open | Windows Reinstalling windows but bitlocker is enabled.


Reinstalling windows, but bitlocker is on and can't disable as there is no bootable windows copy present.


So after trying Windows 11 I wanted to roll back to Windows 10 but the period was over so I figured it was time to do a reinstall, I completely forgot bitlocker was a thing on my laptop so I plugged the USB went through the process to custom install deleted the partitions but then I came to my main SSD the thing is I didn't format it yet it says that 929GB/929GB is available, when I try to choose it, it says "Windows can't be installed on this drive bitlocker is enabled......" but I can't boot back to Windows 11 because it is gone, everytime I unplug the USB drive it just shows "no boot device found" and I tried changing back the boot order to the drive but still the same thing. Is there a way to bypass bitlocker and install windows or what can I do to install windows again. I am currently on choose a partition screen.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks

r/techsupport 12m ago

Open | BSOD [BSOD] Plethora of Network related BSOD issues


I've built my own PC which has been working fine for nearly the past 2 years, within the last month I'm getting frequent (maybe 5/6 times a day) BSODs to do with Network drivers:-

ndu.sys x1
netio.sys x2
tcpip.sys x1
ndis.sys x1

I've tested each component in a similar build and haven't had issues with them. The one thing that's weird is that if I'm playing a game it won't BSOD on me, only when I'm not running a game and just using the PC for general activities.

Since the initial issues I've installed Windows 10 from fresh and allowed the automatic updates to start taking place.

I've ran memtest which says the RAM is fine, and disk checker which is fine with both of my storage (the issues were different prior to reseating each component)

I've attached the 5 most recent dumps from bluescreenview.


I have roughly a month or so left on the shortest hardware warranty so I'm looking to see if anything needs to be RMA'd

r/techsupport 15m ago

Open | Hardware cpu makes buzzing sound but works fine.

so tonight i just cleaned my pc and i went to plug it back in and the cpu fan is making some odd noises

r/techsupport 15m ago

Open | Hardware I think my pc has coil whine


I was playing god of war on my pc (ryzen 5 3600x and rtx3070), after sometime of playing, my pc start making a weird noise, like a vibration, even when I touch the pc gave me a shock.

Then I close the game and the vibration disappear (when the loading screen for going to the main menu appear the sound came again).

I thought it was for my power supply, but idk.

PD: the pc has a lil’ of dust, dunno if that’s relevant.

r/techsupport 17m ago

Open | Software PC wifi turns off when playing online


My gaming pc’s wifi doesn’t work if I try to play games online it works fine for everything else but for playing game the wifi doesn’t work or keeps turning on and off making playing online games impossible. Does anyone know any solutions to this?

r/techsupport 18m ago

Open | Data Recovery BITLOCKER HELP


Please help me! I’m freaking out right now.

I have a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and recently updated to windows 11.

I have NEVER activated BITLOCKER nor do I have ever even heard of it.

I bought this laptop myself and set it up all by myself and I have never even heard of the word BITLOCKER before.

All of a sudden I decide to restart my computer because it was lagging and it was asking me to update. When turning back on, for no reason at all, I see this BITLOCKER message asking me to put in a recovery key that I have never heard about!

How the hell is this possible!? I have tried to sign in to all of my accounts and theres no recovery key there! Which doesn’t shock me since I never activated this.

How can Microsoft make me lose my data if I have never activated this?! I mean, I paid for this computer myself and now they are to dictate if/when I lose my data because they want to “protect it” for no reason at all other than an update they asked me to do? How is it possible that I would have a key to something that was never given to me in the first place? I have very important school stuff on this laptop, I am freaking the fuck out.

Is it possible that my office365 account from my university has anything to do with this? Please help me. The account connected to log in this computer has no recovery key on it, and it is not my university account. I just use my uni account for word, PowerPoint, one note, etc. I have never kept any recovery key on any usb drive or printed it out.

What are even my options? Thank you so much for your help. I have tried everything that’s on Microsoft’s website regarding this topic. How is this even legal?

r/techsupport 18m ago

Open | Software No audio balance option in windows 10 settings


I bought a new headset today (logitech g435) and wanted to change the audio balance as i have worse hearing in one ear but the option doesn't show in the windows settings where it has before, as pictured here.

r/techsupport 4h ago

Open | Hardware Pc making weird noise


What I think is my hard drive is making a really loud and weird noise but only when a play a very specific game I’m not that worried about losing the entire hard drive because I don’t have anything important on it but can someone tell me what I should do?

r/techsupport 25m ago

Open | Hardware Windows doesn't detect HDD, BIOS does


I bought a 10TB WD drive.

I plugged it into the motherboard, BIOS detects it okay, but Windows doesn't. It's not shown in the device manager at all, there's no "installing new hardware" popup that usually comes up.

I tried to update my SATA drivers but I can't find any for the chipset I have, only from some weird websites like oemdrivers.com and I'm not sure if I want to risk that. My motherboard is Asrock Z77 Pro4, I was looking for ASMedia 106x SATA controller drivers.

I happen to have an external SATA adapter I sometimes use. When I connect the drive through that, it works fine and is detected. I formatted it as well (GPT simple partition) and everything was good.

Any idea why it isn't detected when connected to motherboard? I tried multiple SATA ports and cables.

r/techsupport 25m ago

Open | Software HP Laptop with Microsoft won’t let me connect to the internet, no other buttons available


I got a new HP laptop and it was working fine until this morning. I tried to connect to my school’s internet to sign into my laptop but it keeps saying it can’t connect to a network. I tried again after class now whenever I click the connect button to a Wi-Fi connection it doesn’t work. There’s no settings button, just the sign in, internet and power button.