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u/elcantinazo77 Jul 03 '21

pretty normal , as i said wifi depends on a lot of factors from your device to outside interference. Wifi will always be slower than ethernet. You can be next to the router and still get slow wifi speeds, especially since you are using a mesh setup which are not good for speeds but are good for distance. An example is in my old home which we had 100 mbps internet. If I connected to the router directly I got the full 100 mbps but when I used wifi even as I was standing next to the router I got like half the speed.


u/elcantinazo77 Jul 03 '21

What you can try to do is:

-The best way to get the fastest speeds for your games is to use an ethernet cable. Considering that you live in a house you can try to get an ethernet cable through your attic and get it all the way from your modem to were your PS is and connect it that way. If you don't have access to the attic you could run it inside the house from where the modem is to where the PS is or even from the outside of the house and bring it through the window or an outside wall in the room where your PS is. There is a lot of tools out there that can help you organize the cable so it doesn't look out of place and you can always ask someone for help with the installation.

-You could also see if you or someone could help you install a ethernet jack in the room where your PS is and connect it that way.

-You could try getting one of those wifi routers and modems that are made specially for gaming and see if there is any difference.

-Contacting Xfinity to see if they could do something to help you might also be an option.