r/techsupport Aug 14 '22

New PC build, no internet access Open | Networking

Just completed new build, windows 10 installed, connected Ethernet cable to start updating drivers and bam, no internet access.

I have run the troubleshooter, the following errors have been high lighted

‘Ethernet doesn’t have a valid ip configuration’

(I have followed the suggestions on the net about ipconfig flush etc, uninstalled device driver etc)

‘The default gateway is not available’

‘The connection between your access point, router or cable modem and the internet is broken’

Hoping somebody can help




u/StayStruggling Aug 14 '22

did you install your mobo's drivers to get the PC functional first?


u/Muff-Fuzz Aug 14 '22

Thanks for jogging my memory dude, I installed lan drivers onto a usb and uploaded and now all works.

Thanks for all help.


u/babetech Aug 14 '22

My advice would be to try connecting a Wi-Fi adapter first so you can let it update and get the good drivers and updates you need before you have to manually figure out if there’s a hardware issue. And in the networking world it sounds like your settings may be wrong check the ipv4 settings to make sure it’s all automatic. Also try a different cable