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pc Ethernet connection very slow Open | Networking

I built a computer last week and everything is working just fine except for the internet, I have an Ethernet connection and my router is right next to my pc, I also have a wifi dongle that came with my asus b550 f gaming wifi motherboard, my speed test on the computer reads 40-50mbps on average but downloading games I'm not seeing anything over 6mbps, nothing else is connected to the router except my computer. Very frustrating, please help.


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u/Pure-Pirate-4862 Aug 18 '22

Nah I'm going off Mbps, download speed on steam and battle net are bottlenecked at 6mbps each, everything else works fine though


u/HowMyDictates Aug 18 '22

Speed test results are rated in Mb/s, Steam download speeds as MB/s.

6 MB/s = 48 Mb/s = "my speed test on the computer reads 40-50mbps on average," so... you sure?


u/Grouchy-Education292 Aug 18 '22

You can configure Steam to show either MBytes/s or Mbits/S

Steam --> Settings --> Downloads --> Display download rates in bits per second (Checkbox)