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pc Ethernet connection very slow Open | Networking

I built a computer last week and everything is working just fine except for the internet, I have an Ethernet connection and my router is right next to my pc, I also have a wifi dongle that came with my asus b550 f gaming wifi motherboard, my speed test on the computer reads 40-50mbps on average but downloading games I'm not seeing anything over 6mbps, nothing else is connected to the router except my computer. Very frustrating, please help.


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u/Grouchy-Education292 Aug 18 '22 edited Aug 18 '22

From Steam, I am getting peak rates of 4MBps/32Mbps on my network setup.

If you are only getting 6Mbps/0.75MBps in Steam but 30-40Mbps in speed tests from the same machine then it could be...

  1. The download server capacity being hit hard at the time you are downloading

  2. ISP Throttling of Steam/Battlenet downloads

  3. Router QoS settings throttling

  4. Some other internet infrastructure routing bottleneck issue between you and the servers

To potentially workaround either 2 or 3, you could try using a VPN service such as Norton VPN as that will hide the precise nature of the traffic from the Router/ISP. If you are already doing this, then you could try NOT using a VPN.

To address 4, you could try rebooting the ISP router to get a new IP and potentially a better route.

But my best guess is the root cause would be 1 rather than anything specific you may be able to control.

It is highly unlikely to be a local machine issue, but I would check your Steam/Battlenet download settings to ensure you have not inadvertently capped them.

Another thing to consider is that we are assuming you are the only user on your network, but it sounds like you know what you are doing.