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Website keeps getting infected with maleware Closed

Earlier this year one of the websites i made for a friend got infected with malware. The site redirected to other suspicious websites if you clicked on any links. I have cleaned the site from malware a few times and made a fresh wordpress install but nothing worked. It's always coming back and the hosting provider takes down the website. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. The malware probably came on to the site as a theme I have installed wasn't up to date. I contancted the support of the theme and they said they fixed it for me. This was 2 months ago, at first everything seemed to be good but now it came back again. Do you have any suggestions on what I could try to fix this? Thanks!


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u/CakeDanceNotWalk Aug 18 '22 edited Aug 18 '22

WordPress is horrible, because it is hard to mange this well. it would be better if you can move to other service provider like square space or wixx.

To prevent new attack, you can do a few things.

  1. install a security plugin, I've used wordfence with good results.

  2. Change the default login url.

  3. Disable all plugin you don't need

  4. Disable writes to your theme if you can.

  5. Add cache like cloudflare for your visitors, cloudflare would also double as firewall, they can block some attacks too.

  6. Make sure ssh service on the hosting provider are turn off.

  7. Disable phpadmin once you are done with it, it is a common source of hack too.

Basically all the basic security stuff.

Update: extra item for phpadmin.


u/CakeDanceNotWalk Aug 18 '22

just saw you have an issue with a persistent hack. Check your db, some script might persist inside your database, wipe it if you can.